Sunday, December 16, 2007

McLaren Vale..

Loved the was interesting. Honestly, my favorite was Woodstock shiraz and they had a nice cabernet. We started the day with me oversleeping. Thank God, they called to see where I was. I suppose that having a tour with only two people requires this action. They picked me up ( no shower, contacts in, teet brushed) and we started at the cheese factory for coffee/cake. Afterwards, we went to our first winery, Fox Creek. We did a tour and tried their wines. I enjoyed the red baron, Ilona, which is a subtle shiraz. I also liked the shadow run which is a shiraz--very mellow and user friendly. They had a few whites and a sparkling shiraz/cab mix which killed my palette. I wanted to choke on it.
Afterwards, we went to Lloyd Brothers olive press and unofficial winery. I loved their shiraz and reserve shiraz...they were both fantastic. The mediterranean blend of olive oil was also super. Then, we had lunch at Woodstock which was my favorite winery overall. I sampled a few port wines in addition to the reds. Lunch consisted of local gourmet flavors and chocolate cake and ice cream. Yes, Kellen, Flat Kellen and I ate ice cream and she liked it.
We went to Hugo wines where I met two Americans and continued to Petaluma/Bridge Water winery and enjoyed the red wines there. Our last winery stop was disappointing as it was predominantly white wines and not that terrific at that. I am now back and trying to figure out how to get back to the Barossa and enjoy the wine there. It will work and I will do it.
Hope all is well.


Hailey said...

Hey there!

It sounds like you had a great day! It sounds like Australia is a wonderful place to visit...and I can't wait to hear about your snorkeling/diving experiences when you go.

I'm sorry I have been absent as of's been hectic trying to get ready for Christmas, and the holiday parties etc...

KU Bball is doing well. They have been on national TV so we have gotten to see them quite a bit which is nice. We are currently ranked #3. Cory is very excited as he will be making the trip to Miami for the Orange Bowl. He's going with John, so I told him to enjoy. It's probably going to be his last "trip" for awhile and I'm sure it will be a doozy!

Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard from New Zealand. It made my day! I am so thrilled you are having such an adventure - I truly enjoy reading about your adventures and am having a nice time living through you!

I miss you!

harmony said...

AWesome--I am glad that you received the postcard. I didn't know when it would arrive, but I definitely wanted to send one to the family. I keep walking by this store called, Diva, and of course, I think of your crazy dog.
How is Andrew doing?
Yes, the wine is ample, food is fine and I changed rooms, again, since these crazy Israeli Twins can't figure out that it is a hostel and that perhaps they shouldn't be up all night on their phones within a dormitory. I got up early this morning, went for a run and decided to change rooms. I am off to the Barossa today and can't wait.
CHeers and I know that Cory will have a blast in Miami.