Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Melbourne, finally

I left Apollo Bay this morning and it was sunny. Our bus to Geelong was late which made us miss our train to Melbourne. However, I arrived safely and i have a room for 3 nights. I love it!
I am going on a wine tour on Friday and am meeting up with a girl from Slovenia for drinks tomorrow night. I met her in Apollo Bay. Taea has been traveling for 7 months and she wanted to have a returning celebration tomorrow night and of course, I was happy to oblige. We will meet up for wine and pizza or chinese food. Either way, wine is included...I have been a good kid in terms of wine since I arrived in Australia. I decided to wait until I toured the wineries to see what is out there.
Melbourne is a chill city and I am excited to explore it. I am staying near the Victoria Market and a few parks.
My stay in Apollo Bay was exactly what I needed. The hosts were fantastic...they provided breakfast and internet was based on the honor system. Unfortunately, some people just don't understand that. I stayed with 4 girls from Finland for the 5 day period. Everyday, I would get up, shower, eat breakfast and take off. When I returned either they would just be getting up, eating again or on the internet. Last night, i woke up at 2 am to use the bathroom and 2 of them were furiously typing on the internet. It was annoying knowing that they weren't paying for it and the reason they got up so late each day was because they were ripping the owners off. I believe in karma...don't you? I also firmly believe in respect for people and property. I guess people are the same everywhere.
Enjoy the day while I enjoy the sunshine!!!!

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