Friday, December 28, 2007

Persistance of flies and other issues...

I thought the flies in Apollo Bay were bad and they were...however, they won't die and go away. I decided to go for a walkabout yesterday and felt like a collector of flies. Seriously, I killed 15 by slapping myself and still had an entourage. I think that I now look like a victim of domestic violence, but it is all due to the flies. I went running this morning and had relief--they weren't out yet.
I made dinner last night. The kitchen at this hostel is so small and so I had cocoa puffs for dinner. Anyways, while I am chowing on cereal I hear "I like big butts and I cannot lie.." and I am laughing because all I can see is a flashback to Hailey and Cory's wedding in 2002 and dancing to that paricular track. That song was a definite improvement to some of the other music played on the radio here.
I checked out the dolphin preserve, but didn't see any dolphins. I figure that I should try to get there earlier with fewer people and distractions. I did book my flight from Joburg to Capetown and back. I arrive in Joburg at 10:50 pm and depart for Buenos Aires at 6:45 am and so I thought I would just hang out at the airport instead of trying to find a hotel for 6 hours.
Take care and i will be here for a few more days to battle the flies. And no, I can't buy a fly face mask since they are out of stock. It is really ridiculous here!


ilona's chat said...

Hi its ilona, I left you an e-mail .so good to see your adventures,sometimes I even wish I was there seeing every thing with you,you have seen and done so much .good on you !!

Unknown said...

Hi Harmony,

I'm glad to hear you're still enjoying your adventure. Leon and I miss you at Bull and Bush, but Jimmy is taking good care of us. You can be considered the ultimate international playgirl with all of the traveling you've done!


harmony said...

Thank you ladies...yes, I am enjoying traveling. I am glad that Jimmy is taking care of you and Leon. I told him too!
TOday, I return to Perth and I think I might be lame on New Year's. Normally, I work and so it is weird to not be working.
Enjoy your days and Ilona, I will e-mail you back shortly.