Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Destination Bunbury...

Last night, I opted to go out with the 3 guys that I met at the hostel for a goodbye celebration. We cabbed it into Margaret River and it was definitely a local bar. I suppose they had 2 bars, but not much to differentiate them from. Thankfully, they had Hoegaarden on tap which was a beautiful thing since I am not a fan of Carlton Draft.
It was entertaining listening to the 3 guys talk about relationships and women. One guy th0ught he was god's gift and all I could think of was how much he reminded me of Jim Belushi from Animal House. Seriously, this guy had no game and was full of hot air. Two of the guys were a little less obnoxioius, although, some of their stories were unbelievable. I didn't realize how superficial young men could be. The bar we were at was about 3/4 men and so there weren't many options for them to choose from. They were stuck talking with me all night as a result.
Today, I woke up early and caught the bus going north. I am now at the hostel, but I can't check in until 4 pm. They do have internet, obviously, and a decent kitchen and so I had lunch and ran into a couple I had met in Margaret River. They are on their honeymoon, traveling around Australia for 3 months--i think. They are super nice and we exchanged books the other day. I met this other traveler, named Helen, who was an inspiration to meet. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and was sad to see her leave.
Bunbury has a dolphin center and apparently dolphins are very healing for the heart. I will check it out later and familiarize myself with the general area. Seeing how busy the bus was this morning, I think my bus to Perth will be full on new year's eve.
Have a glorious day and yes, it is hot here, too!!!

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Jadey said...

Merry Christmas! Sorry its been so long since I've posted, but I've been crazy busy! Having both the kids and Tab in the house for so many days in a row is hard to get used to! I'm ready to send Tab back to work and the kids to Nannys house!!!
I go back to work tomorrow night which sucks. My days and nights are officially screwed up yet again.
I bought some studded tires before christmas and had them installed. Anyways, when we drove up into the mountains I was much more at ease. I didn't require sedatives at all!! Today will be a day full of cleaning up the x-mas mess. Easton got some new video games and he's enamored. Won't even eat. I had to threatened to destroy the games last night to get him to eat anything at all.
When we were up in the mountains it was pretty amazing. We haven't seen snow in 3 years and the kids had a blast!! I'm sure Easton dosen't remember snow from Kansas, so it was really neat for him. They got sleighs from Santa and we couldn't find any safe hills to sled down. SOOOO that meant I had to run and drag them. I'm sure they had fun, I on the other hand felt like crap. Dragging around an extra 100 ilbs is not a fun thing to do!!
My prime rib turned out great! Jasmin drunk dialed me on X-mas eve at midnight to wish me a happy birthday--I laughed.
You sound like your enjoying the holidays on the beach. You have been on my mind everyday since you left. On X-mas it felt so strange not talking to you. Your presence was definately missed. Tab and the kids say hello and send there love.
A lot of our aunts mentioned that they have been following the blog and have been enjoying your travels. I hope you have a great new year! I will be with Tab and the kids at home. We are going over to Nannys house to watch the Ducks get their asses handed to them on New Years Eve. I love you and will talk to you soon