Sunday, December 2, 2007

last thoughts...

I am back in Auckland and it is cold here. I would almost believe that it is always overcast in Auckland. When I returned to Queen Street Backpackers, Ben asked me if I had bought pants yet and I said--NO. But, most people that know me understand that I can be stubborn when it comes to fashion and necessity. I tried to go to my first and only Broncos Game, last year on a Monday night in shorts. It was early October, but the weather was rainy and cold. I had a pair of red running pants in my trunk which I wore to that game. Sometimes, I understand how foolish I am being.
Anyways, it is nice to be back to city life. People everywhere eating, drinking beer/cofffee and the hustle of a city compares to nothing else. I like watching the energy. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning and so I have arranged for a shuttle at 4 am--yes, 4--so that I can make it there on time and deal with the necessary departure issues. I considered staying up all night, drinking, but my arrival in Australia will suck. Instead, I will take it easy and say good bye to New Zealand.
I heard the KU is playing VT in the Orange Bowl--GO JAYHAWKS!!! I am very proud of my team and hope that basketball is trimphant, too. Best to all and take care!

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Jadey said...

Off to Austraila already? It seems like only yesterday that you started this journey. I am still in awe of how you can travel so easily alone. I would be an anxious wreck! We are taking the kids up the mountain this month and I have joked about needing some Xanax. I don't think Tab thinks I'm funny, I think he's actually gonna call the doctor himself and slip it to me before we leave. Although my anxiety in that situation is completely different than what your doing, I still don't think I could do it. Overall, I don't like people enough to start a conversation with a stranger.
Anyways, sorry I haven't been on lately. Work keeps me pretty busy. I have all of the X-mas decorations up in the house, but we have yet to start the outside. I haven't even started my X-mas shopping yet. I'm usually done by now. I'm not even realy in the spirit to be quite honest. Do you know what your plans are for X-mas? What city are you flying in to? Well babe I'm at work and have to run now. I love you and think about you everyday.

Love Jadey