Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year's....

I survived most of the flies. I have heard, numerous times, that the flies will leave soon. My luck it will be the day I leave for South Africa.
Yesterday, I checked out a swamp preserve, got lost--I know, shocking, and ended up taking a huge tour of the town. I realized that Bunbury is 55,000 people. I read that somewhere and that is about the same size as the town that I grew up in. THey are similar. Kids dragging the main streets, lots of tagging and I have been yelled at more for walking than any other place. I keep hearing--Get a car, and I want to say--Why? So that I can get fat?
I absolutely love Australia and the random people that I have encountered. Good or bad, it is a trip. I mean, some people are truly genuinely friendly. Others are opposed to greeting other people and really, I think that that is more of an international thing...not the people that live here. The biggest difference between Bunbury and my little unnamed hometown, is well, the ocean. It makes a huge difference and it is amazing. I walked along ther beach last night and when I returned to the main road, I interrupted to kids "parking" and it was too funny. I mean, come on, get a room! Or, at least wait until it is dark!
Happy New Year to all of you and all of the new people that I will encounter on my journey. Be safe, have fun and enjoy. Be realistic about resolutions and this year, I will try to actually commit to one of them.
I arrive in Perth this evening and I am hoping to find some wine and a nice spot on the beach to ring in the new year! Cheers!!!

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