Monday, March 3, 2008


Shari and I left Herredia with the intention of making it to Alajuela, a mere 12 km, without getting lost. I did make her drive through San Jose which she excelled at, but it was stressful due to the pedestrians, taxis and dipshit drivers. We survived, loved the coffee at Britt and were determined to make it to the hotel in Alajuela. Also, at that point we would be about 2 km from the airport which is ideal for both of us in terms of getting there safely.
We take off, heading west and realize that we had went quite aways. There are no signs, anywhere, only cars, pedestrians and the desire to pick a direction to find the plaza in the center of town. We would drive by churches or universities, but they weren´t on the map and so we wasted an hour and a half to go 12 km. We finally spotted the church and were able to discern the restaurant near the hotel that we wanted to stay. Discouraged, I believe, we would have stayed at any hotel we saw, but there weren´t any. The hotel we wanted to stay at was booked solid for Sunday, but I arranged to stay here for tonight. In the book, it says, they have a hot tub on the roof-THEY DON´T. It isn´t ready yet. The hotel is nice with an open kitchen, fast internet and Diego Rivera prints as decor. I love him and so I felt right at home.
The hotel we stayed at last night was clean, but dark. We were overwhelmed by the disinfectant spray in the toilet, which was unpleasant, but we viewed our canopy tour this morning for free and the breakfast was nice.
The restaurant last night which was recommended in the book was disappointing. We both had chicken and I am convinced that I really want to become a vegetarian from this trip. It isn´t the first time that the chicken has been questionable and last night, it was sad. We walked around hoping to find coffee and dessert only everything had closed and so we found an helado place and had a sundae which was the fitting end to our tour of Costa Rica.
I hope that Shari enjoyed herself because it was wonderful for me. I hope I didn´t make her too crazy with my new mosquito bite. It was unpleasant to be kind, and this is the 3rd time I have tended to a wound on my ass. I am over mosquitoes!!!
I will do the best of later. I really liked spending the week here with Shari. Of course, having a driver was beautiful and we were able to see more with the car. I am ready to return to the States.

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