Tuesday, March 4, 2008

First Class

I booked into my Taca airlines flight today and didn't pay too much attention to the seat preference. I only wanted to be as near the front as possible. I board the plane and she placed me in first class. It was awesome, luxurious and I loved every minute of the two flights. They combined for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was amazing.
I arrived into Belize City and took a taxi to my hotel. The population of Belize is 300,000. It is insane to be in such a small area and with few residents. The official language is english and so I am able to maneuver. It is humid and crazy hot, but I depart for Ambergris Caye on Thursday where I will remain until Sunday to return here. I am hoping to soak up the sun and relish in the end of this journey. I don't know how ambitious I will be in terms of diving, caving or just plain exploring. It feels nice to be here and safe.
I can watch basketball and enjoy the heat! Plus, there are no cockroaches in my hotel room, which is set up like a suite. I have a refrigerator, sitting area and separate room with a/c and an oscillating fan. It is cheap, too.
Until tomorrow or until I find some intersting facts about the country.


Shari said...

WHAT??? English, no cockroaches, A/C and a separate sitting room. It sounds pretty posh Miss Hilton. Too bad about the Hotel 1915 and no hot tub. Was the room still nice? How's the plumbing in Belize?

Are you below the equator? Tom really wants to know which way the water circles down the drain, clockwise or counterclockwise. He was upset that I didn't think of it while we were in Costa Rica.

Relax and enjoy your last week...because "you're coming home...na na and it's cold...na na". You have to sing (like a child on the playground taunting you) that last part to get the full effect.

I really do love you and it really was cold when I got home.

Take Care,
Love, Shari

harmony said...

the same as in Costa Rica.
I am sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala and I can watch the Denver News.
No singing...I am not ready. Plus, I am going to Jan and Tom's house, where I have a room with a flat screen tv. They might have to kick me out and they don't know it yet.
I love you too and I will be safe here. The beach is my destination tomorrow and outside of that, I dont' know...