Thursday, March 20, 2008

Santa Fe--my favorite place to stay en route to Denver

I am in Santa Fe and I love it. Although, I look like a freak since I have no pants and everyone here is on spring break with families, families, families. They are skiing or boarding at Taos. Yesterday was the first day that snow boarders were able to board at Taos Mountain.
I had wanted to have dinner with Chef Ben and Melody and so I e-mailed them regarding my arrival to Santa Fe. Melody was able to spend time with me, but Ben was a no-show. Ironically, I had a glass of wine at La Casa Sena and met Cheyenne who was friends with Ben. It is a small world and we had an interesting conversation about Costa Rica as well as trying to decide what to do in life.
Later, I had dinner with Melody last night at Coyote Cafe and it was wonderful. We started with a shrimp stack which was on corn griddle cakes with guacamole and pico de gallo. She ordered the seabass and I tried the chicken. I ordered chicken since I wanted the green chile mac and cheese. That was awesome. We concluded with a glass of wine at the bar in Hotel San Francisco. I had stayed there a year ago, met Chef Ben, and so I had pleasant memories of that hotel. The bartender knew the guy that had waited on me a year ago. His name was Julian and we had a great conversation about traveling and loss. Julian is now at another restaurant and lives with my bartender from last night. I have enjoyed learning more about Santa Fe and the people that are locals here. Further, I have been accused of being a local and I don't mind it.
Today, I hope to watch the KU game and then enjoy the beautiful sun. I need to pick up my bracelet, too. My malachite stone fell out in Phoenix and so I returned to the Plaza to seek out the man who made it. I found his nephew and he was able to direct me to the uncle. I should be able to pick it up today and I am stoked!

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