Thursday, March 27, 2008

My first day of winter

I woke up to go to yoga this morning to feel more positive energy. It kicked my ass but I feel so much better for committing to the class. I liked the routine and how she changed it up from the normal C1 classes. Typically, at Core Power Yoga, they follow a script for the beginner's class. It becomes lame and I get unmotivated because I know the next move. I was pleasantly surprised today.
After I left the class, I realized how gloomy it was. It isn't snowing and it doesn't feel cold enough for snow, but it is a winter type of day. I suppose that I needed to experience at least one for 2007-2008.
My friend, chef Ben from Santa Fe, is doing a guest chef appearance at a restaurant in Denver. I am excited to see him and pay him back for the fantastic meals that he has made for me. I missed him last week when I was in Santa Fe since he had a prior commitment. I figure that this works out just as well since I can show him Denver, if he has the time.
I know that I need to do the Best of the World, and I will. I have been busy attempting to readapt to life in Denver. I need to convey that I want to be here and committed to work. I am, but I think that my bosses are leery of putting too much into my employment since they know how much I enjoyed my experience. I want to be here in Denver. I would love to continue my traveling, but I want to spend time in the States, too. I missed my friends and family and I missed working. Any suggestions on how to cope?
I figure that I will enjoy the period of limbo, uncertainty and make my own way. I haven't been too motivated on finding a place to live since Jimmy and Bryn have both been accomodating. I enjoy living out of the bag, for now.
Have a fantastic day and I will do my best of shortly. I am still reflecting on the inner peace that I have found.

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Robin said...

Hi Haromony-This how you cope, get a job like Shari has!! hehe. Dont know how she manages it,but sure wish she would share. We are having a blizzard today (3/31) and it is the Twin's opener, they had breakfest on the Plaza this morning, they hand out dome dogs, etc. Seems kinda wierd.
The only thing I can offer up, hang in there, you are very smart, and you will figure it out.

Take care
Love Robin