Monday, March 17, 2008


I love spending time in Phoenix with Jan and Tom. Mostly, I make them go to Z Tejas for chambord margaritas, Los Dos Molinos for mexican and sometimes, Pizzeria Bianco for the best pizza in the States. Since the owner appeared on Oprah, I haven't been able to withstand the 3+ hour wait for a table.
Of course, we end up at 4 Peaks and then I feel like I live there. It is fantastic to see old customers and co-workers, but it is more corporate now and always extremely busy. When I worked there, I hated the parking situation and that was in 2001. It is ridiculous now. We went there today for St Patty's brunch. They opened at 6 am to accomodate the people that felt that they should be open. The breakfast buffet was nice and I enjoyed the atmosphere but I was unable to get a 2008t-shirt, which bums me out. I still have my St Patrick t-shirt from 2001. Granted it is faded and holey, but I love it.
Quiessence is a must now. I believe that we have dined there 4 times since they introduced it to me. The other night was amazing and it is always fun for me to dress down and watch people's reactions. The owner knows my friends and so he greets us with a hug and everyone around us had thought we were homeless, or probably, just me. But, I have been traveling and I didn't leave appropriate attire at their home. When I return to Denver, I have a rain coat for warmth. I need to learn how to prepare!
I made Jan watch the KU/UT game yesterday at 4 Peaks. I felt that she could enjoy the beer while I focused on the game. I am so excited for March Madness. I need to pick a place to watch the game on Thursday. My phone works, but I probably won't be taking calls on Thursday.


Robin said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like your happy to be back, or happy to have the things you didnt have while traveling. Enjoy the sun, today we have snow. It doesnt seem right when we are in daylight saving time. I got to babysit, finally, for Wyatt last Saturday. I only had him for a few hours, what an awesome few hours. He is so precious. I cant wait for you to meet him.

Just wanted to welcime you home!!

harmony said...

thank you, Robin. It has been sunny in Phoenix, but still on the cooler side. PLus, it is extremely dry here and I am fighting with dehydration on a daily basis. I think my tan is fading due to the desert climate. Tell Steffany hello and kiss little Wyatt.
There was a horrible accident near Flagstaff this past weekend. They had white out conditions and a 100+ pile up due to the storm. And, most people in Arizona don't ever have to deal with snow and so I am sure that maneuvering was even more difficult for them.
I am off to a Qi Yong class.