Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Belize City

I decided to be realistic and find coffee today. I almost settled for nescafe, but they don't even had that around here. Basically, there are 4 mini markets which are set up for looking only. The owners of the establishment decide on your choices and you pay them through a gate. I walked past the university of Belize and found a restaurant with coffee this morning. Afterwards, I tried to find the book store--Angela's Place and found myself ensconsed in the tourist area. I found a better coffee shop, found the water taxi and decided to locate Angela's Place. Really it is called Angellus Press and it has paper supplies and some text books. No novels outside of Classics literature or religious books. I didn't want to spend $16-20 on a book that I could find used for 50 cents. I hope to find something tomorrow.
I purchased fish, rice and beans and potato salad off of a stand for $3 and it was perfection. There are many tourists here, but none of them are walking...just me, the crazy blonde lady who needs braids--I was told today so that I could cool off. I saw many horse drawn carts with tourists and thought, get out of that and walk around the mainland. There isn't much to see and I understand the money the locals make, but really, it all goes back to being lazy. WALK SOMEWHERE is what I wanted to scream at people. I didn't.
I returned to the hotel and loved the AC. Belize feels like Florida in August. It is humid. Tomorrow, I will depart for San Pedro and assume there is internet but don't know about the charging yet. I will check in later.


Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Belize looks like heaven on earth, white sand, blue water and soaking up the rays. Cant beat that! Enjoy your last week of your journey. I was wondering where you would be planting yourself when you get back. Is Jan and Tom in Denver, if not, where? You will have to give us your address.

Enjoy, it looks incredible.


Jadey said...

Enjoy your last couple of days. I'm excited to hear from you soon. Thinking of you

harmony said...

they live in Phoenix and I will be staying with them to reorganize my clothes and pick up my car and some other stuff that I made them take for me in September.
Yes, I depart for the islands today and it looks incredible. I am excited to work on my tan and enjoy the tropical heat.
Congratulations on the new addition to the family. I am very happy for you, Terry and Steffany. I hope to meet the baby at some point in the near future.
thanks, girls for the warm wishes. I intend to make the most of it. I have had a wonderful time on this journey and I am not ready for it to end.