Friday, March 7, 2008

San Pedro

The beaches are beautiful. I took the water taxi to San Pedro and my bottom was numb from bouncing up and down. I was grateful that I wasn't hungover because that ride would have sucked.
My hotel is outside of the town, right on the beach. I have internet access and my own thatched cabana. Everyone gets around on golf carts and there are numerous mini markets, cafes, restaurants and they have a book store. I am going to check that out later.
I met some nice canadians last night while I was enjoying a drink on the beach. The woman, Joanne, lives here from January-June and she was very helpful in terms of suggestions and conversation. They play horse shoes on Sunday afternoons at the Crazy Canuck.
This is all about relaxation and contemplation of my return. I love the sun!!!


Robin said...

Harmony-OK, this sounds like the best destination so far. Can you check out the jobs for all of us and we will join you?? It truely sounds like my kind of place, I love to just sit by the ocean and day dream, sipping on a cocktail and talking to the other folks, exactly what you are doing. I am happy for you. It sounds peaceful and relaxing. And it has all the things you love.

Well, today was below 0 and remains cold. I played ball with the puppies when I got home from work and had to warm up in between play time.

I am heading over to see baby Wyatt tomorrow. I am so excited, I have never been a baby person (I love them when they are 6-9 months and on up) but that little boy has just melted my heart. All I think about is our precious little grandson.

Take care and enjoy, enjoy, it sounds heavenly!!

Love you
Robin and Family

n7mk said...

San Pedro Sula, Honduras?