Saturday, March 8, 2008

jayhawks look amazing....

I finally saw the jayhawks play and they are solid. wow, I feel blessed to see them play, finally. I caught the Stanford game too and they look soft and damn, UCLA came back to beat California. I think Cal lacks stamina. If only they could have held out! Of course, I am looking forward for the evening game too--UNC/Duke. It should be interesting.
Today, was stormy but I enjoyed it. I cannot believe that I will be home in 3 days. I had a massage this morning and it was great. The lady came to the hotel, whaled on my rhomboids and was thorough. It has been a wonderful day.
Tomorrow, I hope to swim, sunbathe and then return to the big city of Belize City. I purchased post cards and am set on sending them off on Monday. Life is good.
I am a little distracted right now and so I will check this later. Earlier, the computers were down and I had a comment to robin, but I lost it.
I walked into town and was told the bookstore was on Belize time, which means it is similar to Peterson time--about a half hour to an hour of waiting around for someone. I hope to check out the bookstore before I return to Belize City since it appears to be a real store with books. I need something for the return flight to Houston or I will be stuck reading skymall or the United Magazine since I have no music.

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