Wednesday, March 26, 2008

work at the Bull

It feels so weird to be back at the job. I picked up a serving shift and it was slow, but it was great to attempt to be normal. I waited on the lawyers, this group of men that frequent the Bull during the week. They are demanding and overwhelming, at times, but it felt like home waiting on them.
Last night I checked out the Migan Table at Billy's house. I showcased my stir fry at Bryn's and am trying to figure out my next location for home in Denver. Jimmy and Bryn have been accomodating and it has been lovely, but I know that I cannot outstay my welcome.
In terms of the is recovering nicely. I check it, hourly, to make sure that it doesn't go septic, infected of green. Tea tree oil is an amazing solution for bites. I think that I will check into another round of acunpuncture if need be.
I know that I sound lame right now, but I am trying to readapt to the craziness of Denver in my own way. Some people have changed, others, not so much. I am trying to find my niche again and retain the serenity that I have found while on my trip. I am positive that I will be able to keep it. I want to.

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