Saturday, March 15, 2008

La La Land

It is great to be back in the States, but I have retained some of my wide-eyed traveling mysticism here. I am in awe of the grocery stores. I walk in, stop and stare and try to look normal. There are too many options.
Driving--and most of you know how intolerant I am when i drive--has been interesting. I am relaxed and not really focused on how other people suck at driving. Instead, I am singing in the car since my cd player works and enjoying the ability to do it. I am sure that my road rage will return with my driving, but for now, I am enjoying my vehicle. Jan and Tom treated the volvo with care!
Every morning, I have coffee and it feels domestic, but still vacation. I went to 4 Peaks, again, for drinks and discovered that the bartenders are still on the archaic tip system that they were on when I worked there. Instead of hourly dividing the tips between them, they start a new pot when a bartender leaves the shift. The closing bartender always makes money and they do not rotate who is the closer. I felt bad for the people that worked there. It seemed unfair to any new person that found themselves in the bartending rotation. I suppose it is preferable to serve there.
Yesterday, I convinced Jan to join me on a skip day. She is a CPA and so this is her worst time of year to not be working. We went to the Phoenician for poolside drinks. My friend that works in the lounge hadn't arrived yet and so we opted to sit outside and enjoy the weather. It was awesome and we people watched. It felt nice to be tan for once.
Afterwards, we ate at Chelsea's Kitchen which is a Scottsdale hot spot and then chose to follow with Postino's--one of my favorite, must go to places. We shared a bruschetta with tomato, mozzarella and basil; white bean dip; proscuitto, fig and cheese; and fig, apple and brie with honey. It was a nice accompanyment with the wine that I had found. I tried a cabernet/petit verdot from Chile which was ideal. It tasted smoky and had the essence of leather. I loved it.
Today we are going to Quiessence for a slow dinner. It is a gem in Phoenix and not too far from their house. My friends live in LaVeen which is near South Mountain but feels like you are in the country, instead of smack dab in Phoenix proper. I have enjoyed finding new ways in and out of the neighborhood.
Enjoy the day.

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Shari said...

Good Day,
I hope you enjoyed your skip day. I remember being on a skip day with the two of you and it was exactly what a skip day should be. Very relaxing with time for wonderful conversation.

You must let us know how your meal was at the Quiessence. I want to know what foods and wines you enjoyed there.

I hope you have a great trip back to Denver. I hear it is still cold so you may want to take the long way home.

Keep us informed of life on the road.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Shari