Friday, April 16, 2010

Delaying my posts due to other priorities....

I suck....I know.
I have been preoccupied with work, upcoming travel and the Horsetooth Half--Sunday. I think about my blog, but I haven't been able to put into words what I have been thinking about. Instead, while running, I analyze my thoughts. Everytime I tried to begin a new post, I would stare at the blank screen, and opt for an episode of something on Recently, I discovered, Justified. Yep, I love it. It is entertaining. Darn my cable addiction. It is fufilled with hulu and sometimes, fancast. My blog has suffered as a result.
I have had many things to write about, too. For one thing, running. It has reenergized my existence. I thoroughly enjoy it. I wonder why I never embraced it in the past. I had flirtations with it...while traveling, abroad, I did run until my ipod was stolen. After that episode, I gave up running since I felt it wouldn't be the same without music.
I have found that I am able to run without my ipod and yes, I enjoy it, too. On Sunday, the Goddess and I are doing our first race of 2010. The Horsetooth Half is in Ft. Collins. Since it is sponsored by New Belgium Brewery, I know we will be enjoying adult beverages after the race. Plus, my friend, Hummel, told me about a pub in Ft. Collins which is great---the crown pub. If we have time, I am sure we will check it out.
I signed up for the Colfax Relay with Sara Jo, two other Teams in Training alum--Renae and the Goddess, and one of Renae's friends. Renae set it up and sent us each a link to register for the event. Last Saturday, while running with the Goddess, I found out that Lindsay would be unable to do the relay with us. I was bummed and needed to find a replacement.
I sent a text to Jamie and Gadget. I texted Jenny Minard since I had seen her running at Wash Park. I contacted one of my co-workers that enjoys outdoor events. Each girl responded with uncertainty, but interest. My co-worker confirmed that she would be available for the relay and would sign up. Thankful, I no longer worried about our relay falling apart.
Two days later, Dana, contacts me to say she cannot run the relay due to knee issues. WTF? I had already contacted the other girls letting them know that the spot was filled.
Choking on my pride, I re-texted Gadget and asked her if she still was interested in the relay. She was and she signed up. Second race confirmed and committed too.
I signed up for the Healdsburg Half on October 30th. Sara Jo and Megan--my former neighbor, are accompanying me to California to run that 1/2. I think I have convinced Michaela, Pocketsize and the Goddess to also do the event. I am still working on them, but hopeful, that they too, will enjoy wine country in October.
I want to do one-two more 1/2's this year. I mentioned it to the Goddess and she found a Chips and Salsa sponsored 1/2 in Albuquerque, NM. I am not a fan of that city. But, it is chips and salsa and so I believe I will give it another try. Typically, if I venture to New Mexico, I go to Santa Fe or Taos. Taos only recently and truly, I prefer Santa Fe.
I would like to do a half in July, August or September. I am still working on it and trying to figure out how the race can correlate with my travel needs. I have an anniversary at the end of August and the birthdays are at the end of September. I am unclear on where I will celebrate either of those events in 2010. My boss suggested San Francisco, which of course, I love, but, I want to explore a different city. I think I could find a race to do on one of the weekends. Or, I considered choosing a chef to seek out. Decisions, decisions....I need to make one!
Work continues to entertain/disgust me. Seriously, the other night, we had a scotch tasting. I bartended and didn't have much interest in the food. I have been carb loading for the race and didn't want to fill up on rich food. I ate a baked potato if I remember correctly.
Anyways, the scotch tasting continued with a group of 3, drinking with the promoter. The promoter is a professional. He can hold his liquor. The others, well, they were older and men. I was surprised that they wanted spanish coffees, but whatever, I made them. I suppose, I wouldn't want something that sweet after the rich food and scotch. They had 5 scotches during the meal and a few others afterwards--I think. Like I said, the promoter is a professional. I had met him the previous Friday at the Bull. On Saturday, I ran into him at Argonaut and Tuesday, I saw him at Elway's. I was between shifts and celebrating Ava's life...more on that later. The point is, I saw the rep while drinking wine and he had a cocktail too. This was at 4ish, Tuesday night. He continued with the tasting and departed the Bull at 11:30. Yes, he can hold his alcohol.
So, the server finishes her night and I am left to clean up the remaining table. I had my own drama to contend with at the bar and so I hadn't made it up to the deck area. My boss brings me their glasses. He has a napkin covering the glass as he places it on the bar. I look at it and realize that he brought me a glass full of vomit. YUCK!!! I was beyond grossed out. I couldn't believe that one of the older men would do that and leave it on the table. I want to think that they knew what they had done and would at least attempt to clean it up, themselves, instead of leaving the present for me. I hate throw up.
So, yes, work has been full of entertainment and disgust. I have worked, a bunch, this week, since I am off until next Friday. First the Ft. Collins race and then the trip to NYC. I cannot wait to see the Big Apple. I am overwhelmed by the food and the city, itself. There is so much to see and do. I have no concrete plans outside of meeting my friend, Mark, and my friend, Chris. I believe that trip will provide many things to write about.
I need to return to work--fun times....

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