Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Presently--a day off....

I love days off.
I know. I probably do not need it. I had 6 days off, last week, to run a 1/2 marathon and explore NYC. Yes, I should probably work to finance another adventure.
I am considering a trip to Portland. I need to see my sisters and it has been a year and a half since my last trip. I can stay with Michaela--I think--one night and hopefully, with Jade, too. Otherwise, I will be couch surfing or hotel bound. Either way, it isn't terrible to stay in a hotel in Oregon. I would like to spend one night in Portland. I will need a restaurant fix. Eugene is nice, but small, and recently, I have read that Portland is a destination city in terms of food. I am ready to check it out. I will fly into Portland since the flight specials are into that airport, not Eugene. From there, I am considering a shuttle, train, or rental car. I really am not interested in a car. I will not need it in Eugene or in Portland. Since the train is an option, I think that will be my choice. I know that I could ask Jade or Michaela to pick me up, but it isn't convenient, for them. I know they would prefer me finding my own transport to and from the airport.
I had considered Phoenix. I have friends there and I love visiting. It is a cheap flight, quick, efficient and they have great restaurants. I am a D'Back's fan and it is baseball season. It has been years since I have seen them on their home field. Ironically, tonight I will see them in Denver. Yea--my first Rockies game of the season.
But, my girlfriend, Jan, that I stay with, is trying to visit me in Denver, in June. I know, truly, if I fly there in May, she will not come here in June. Every year, she threatens to visit me and each passes with no trip to Denver. This year, I want it to be different. I want her to visit me. So, I will head northwest instead of southwest.
Or, Santa Fe continues to entice me. Ten Thousand Waves, spending time with my girlfriend, Melody, or just exploring the city. It is a quick road trip and I always enjoy it. I am interested in Madrid, New Mexico, too. I feel drawn to the area.
Today, though, I will enjoy my day off at the Rockies game, later, and with Sara Jo, for lunch. I miss her and it has been a week. I need to catch her up on my trip to NYC and see how she has been faring in Denver. Her job is demanding and so we have to plan, in advance, our wine dates. Today is the day and I am stoked!
I have more to write about my trip to New York, but I wanted to write about my current life. Upcoming travel, friends in Denver and activities that I can do here.
Oh, and I am committed to the reducing showers and so far, it has been successful. Shaving extended my non hair washing day a minute or two; but,I still feel good about it. I hope your challenge is successful, as well! Enjoy your Tuesday.

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