Thursday, April 8, 2010

Items of importance--to you, not necessarily to others....

Work related story.....I closed Saturday night. One story has stayed with me since that night.
Whenever I go out with friends or by myself, I always make sure that I have all of my things when leaving the establishment. I have made the foolhardy mistake of leaving my cell phone in a cab. It cost me $20 to wrangle it back from the cabbie. He was greedy, but I got my phone back unscathed. Meaning, no phone calls to Africa or random texts to people that I do not know.
For the most part, I do a mental check in the morning...keys--obviously, I am in my apartment...I wouldn't have been able to gain access without them.
Phone--yep, serves as my alarm clock. I just turned it off. Why did I decide to wake up this early?
Purse--yes, had phone, keys, some money--damn, I spent too get the picture. Fortunately, I tend to keep my identity items close to me.
On Saturday night, this girl calls wanting to know if any keys had been turned in.
I, tell her honestly, that, no, no keys had been turned in.
Every item gets turned into the bartender. I knew, for certain, that no keys had been turned into me. I inform her that her best bet would be to call in the morning since our cleaning crew would have been through at that point.
20 minutes later, she calls back--I lost my keys and think you have them. Again, I repeat the same segment of the last conversation--call tomorrow. If we have them, the cleaning crew will have turned them in. She insists that I should look for them.
After muttering, F***ing Retard, I do a quick look around the bar. I was annoyed with this girl. I mean, if it is that important to you, than, come back in and look for the keys, yourself. I felt she should be looking for her item since I wasn't that interested in finding them. I know that sounds harsh, but I wasn't the one that lost my keys.
Of course, I didn't find them. They weren't there.
She calls again, Saturday night. I, again, tell her to call in the a.m.
A purse was turned in on Saturday night. Like a good samaritan, I put it in a closed off area. I wonder how anyone would leave their purse behind. I expected a call about the purse, but never fielded it.
Sunday morning, I call Brie and tell her about the key story. I warn her about the girl that lost her keys. I wanted to know if the cleaning crew had located any keys. They had not. No keys were left behind the bar.
The girl calls in and asks for her keys. We didn't have them.
Finally, Sunday afternoon, she shows up to look for the keys, herself. She cannot find them. She leaves, I suppose, wondering about her keys.
I enjoy my Easter day of debauchery and arrive to work Monday morning.
Brie receives a phone call about a missing purse. Since I am there and know that a purse was turned in, on Saturday night, I tell Brie--yes, a beige purse was turned in on that night.
I leave for the day.
Two hours later, Brie calls me, to tell me about the girl that lost her purse.
It is the key girl. It took her two days to figure out that her purse was missing. Not just the keys, but purse, money, credit cards. Pretty bright, this one.
I will make sure that I am with my items next time I go out. I do not want to be the person calling looking for my keys, or my phone, or my purse after posting this story. It happens frequently. Sometimes, items are recovered and other times, they disappear. The lesson here is to mental check what items you have brought, with you, before heading home. No one will be as concerned, as you, to find them, unfortunately. Unless, like my cabbie, you pay them for the said item or inconvenience....


scarlethue said...

Wow, what a winner she was! I'm always paranoid about leaving stuff behind as well.

Morgan said...

There are no words for this story. What a ding bat.

harmony said...

agree....there are no words to express how frustrated I was with this girl who had no common sense....