Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trying to be Green

Earth Day was April 22nd. We had a growler special in honor of the day and I know most businesses did something to celebrate the day.
I was on a plane. My celebration of the "green day" consisted of flying back to Denver, getting on a shuttle to my car and ordering take-out. In many ways--fail--driving and take-out with containers.
I failed, but there was some success. Instead of taking a taxi to the airport, I boarded a bus, with 45 other people. I walked to the bus stop; again, another green option.
In many ways, I have been trying to become more green in my life. I carry a to-go coffee cup instead of purchasing a throw away cup.
I walk, most, everywhere in Denver. Not only am I saving money on gas, but I am enjoying the sunshine and the lack of stress that occurs when I drive. I get extremely frustrated with other drivers. I know--shocker!
I hope to have my bike serviced so that I can begin biking to work. The bus is not an option since it quits servicing the area after 5 pm. Biking would enable me another option to get to and from work. Walking at 2 in the morning does not appear to be too promising or optional, at this point.
I read the weekly, Change the World Challenge on Wednesday, posted by Reduce Footprints. I enjoy their blog and follow the challenges. I participate when I am able to and interested in the challenge.
In honor of Earth Day, I am participating this week. I am modifying it, though, a little, so that I am able to make it work.
Here it goes--
For this week, reduce your showers by 50%. Shower every other day.

For me, this is not an option. Not because I am unwilling, but due to work and ability to sleep. I shower, often, after work. I need to. I am coated with beer, wing sauce and liquor. Did I mention the beer? Dogs love my shoes. My co-worker, Tiffany, had a dog, Anna, who would guard my work shoes if I went over to Tiffany's house after work. Anna protected them from the other dogs and groomed my shoes, at will.
Seriously, as it gets warmer, a shower is a must, after work.
Here is what I propose to do. I will cut the amount of time I spend in the shower by half and wash my hair, every other day. I hope to shower in 5 minutes or less on days that I am not washing my hair.
For one week, I believe I can do this. Can you?
While in New York, my showers were swift since there was little pressure and the shower was consistently lukewarm. Showers are a luxury and I intend to speed mine up and minimize the excess.
Good luck!


Nancy said...

Love it. Yes, I will accept the challenge. I will reduce my shower or shower every other day. I love your coffee cup idea.

harmony said...

thank you and thanks for participating.
So far, I have been able to do it and think this trend of shorter showers could continue, long term. The most difficult thing for me, is getting the right temperature, in my house. It seems to be either frigid or crazy hot. There is no happy medium, for long periods of time, temperature wise.
Yesterday and today, have been successful!
Good luck!

Small Footprints said...

Love your modified version of the challenge ... washing hair takes quite a bit of water so reducing that to every other day will save a lot. And, cutting the time down also saves!

It's all about the little steps ... and each one adds up to a big, positive step for the earth!

Wonderful post!

Small Footprints