Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New York

I love New York.
It is an amazing city.
I cannot believe that I haven't been here sooner.
I mean, the food...well, the food is definitely a draw.
There are people everywhere. It is virtually impossible to not see someone walking on a street. I am in awe of the amount of people in Manhattan.
The smells, the fashion, the shoes....I cannot believe how women wear the heels, they do.
I love it, here. I think I enjoy it almost as much as San Francisco. Boston, pales in comparison to both of those cities.
It is vibrant, beautiful and extremely user friendly. Finally, I found an internet cafe. My hotel was charging 37 cents a minute to utilize the services. It seems extreme and faulty. Plus, the location was tiny and didn't inspire thoughts of writing love, you know?
Instead, I am in the Chelsea, post lunch at Colicchio & Sons. I strided into the bar area and announced my intentions to dine and drink wine. Brent, the bartender, was persuasive and suggestive of future restuarants. Not to mention, entertaining. Bobby Flay appeared, in all of his glory--I might add, to eat the exact same item that I had ordered. I tried a ramp, mortadella and goat cheese pizza. Yes, it was lovely. Still, I didn't feel confident in approaching Flay. He appeared as he does on t.v.--arrongant and uninterested in others.
I had a glass of rose` and a shiraz from the Barossa. Next stop--drinks with Mark, from Daniel, followed by dinner with Manraj and/or Mike Carroll. Yes, New York is great!

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