Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first encounter in the city

My flight left Denver at 7 a.m. Meaning, I was up at 4. I needed to ensure that I had everything for my adventure in the city.
I had Sara Jo check me into my flight since I was in Ft. Collins. I had my glasses, 4 pairs of shoes, my hotel address written down in multiple spots and money. I made sure that I had enough to enjoy the dining experience. If you are going to New York, you shouldn't be eating at McDonald's was my belief.
I foolishly thought I would sleep on the flight. Fail. Serious fail. I was too excited about the upcoming trip. Instead, I read a book, listened to my ipod and dreamed of landing in New York.
Finally, I enter La Guardia, somewhat dirty airport, but my gateway to New York. I walk to ground transportation and seek out the information booth. I explain to the agent that I want to take the subway to Grand Central Station since I was staying a block from it. She hands me a visitor map. She says, go outside, get on the Q33 until this station. Get on the 6, until Lexington, and transfer to the E train. I think or something. She said I would need a metro card and told me to walk down the corridor and get one.
I listened.
I did.
However, it was such a jumble of stops/places to watch out for. I was unfamiliar with where I needed to be and where I would be getting on the subway. I considered a taxi. I knew it would be spendy, but I thought, it is the quickest way to get to the Roosevelt.
Apparently, the cost was $35 plus meter. Too much. I walked outside to board a random bus.
I get on and keep repeating, this train, here, til this station and then transfer. I am nervous about getting lost, but figure I will deal with it. I keep dreaming of the food that I will soon be enjoying. The bus is filling up. I move my bag so that someone can sit by me, if need be. There is a girl sitting in front of me. She seems normal.
Suddenly, I hear this sound behind me. The hair on my neck stands up as I realize that there is some idiot clipping nails on the bus.
Incredulous! I try to block it out. I do. I cannot.
The bus keeps moving and this guy continues clipping, clipping, clipping. I text Jimmy since there was a guy on a plane ride to Vegas that busted out the clippers. That time, too, I was repulsed. The sound is grating.
Jimmy texted back and as I was explaining how long it had been going on, I couldn't help it anymore. I look at the girl, the normal looking one, and say--can you believe this guy? What else is he clipping? Has he moved onto his feet?
Because of this irritating man, I now had a friend. Alecia asked me about my visit to New York and than helped me find the right subway station and even gave me a quicker route. There would be no transfers. Thank you, to the little guy who had no manners! Alecia mentioned that she saw a girl, on a subway, not only clipping nails but also flossing her teeth. Yuck! Why? How? Where do these people come from?
I get on the train. I am heading towards Grand Central Station. I get off at the Station and am overwhelmed by all of the people--everywhere! It was super confusing, but so full of life. In a later visit, I discover the restaurants, bars,and the market--utterly amazing.
I stumble outside and head towards, where I think my hotel is. My bag is heavy and I am thankful that the walk was short. I check in. It was 2:20. Check in was listed as 3 pm. The clerk offered me a smoking room if I needed the room immediately or I could wait for a non-smoking room at 3. I bag checked my bag and headed to the concierge. He told me there was a sandwich shop on the corner. Or, I would have to walk to 2nd Avenue. He seemed to think it was far. I opted for the lobby, ordered a salad and drank a beer.
I realized, in my short visit, that this particular concierge was concerned about the quickest option, not necessarily, the best one. Ironically, two blocks from the hotel, I found a Wichcraft. Had I know that, I would have dined there. It is one of Tom Colicchio's places and from experience, I know the sandwiches are delightful. A later trip will determine that.
So, yes, the annoying habit guy inspired a quicker subway trip. I guess that is one positive outcome of my ears bleeding during his exercise.

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