Thursday, April 8, 2010


I watch
Yes, I enjoy t.v. It's mindless, entertaining and yes, I watch it. I love FX. For that reason, alone, I wish I wanted to pay for cable. Actually, for Breaking Bad on AMC, I would pay for cable. What a brilliant show. Amazing.
Last night, for example, I got off work and was not ready for bed. My book is lame. Yes, I need recomendations for a new novel. I enjoy fiction.
I opted for an episode of Ugly Betty.
I became a fan of Ugly Betty while flying to South Africa. I sat on the flight and was unable to move. Better yet, I couldn't resituate myself once I was comfortable. Spider bite ensured that. If interested, check out earlier posts, in January-May of 2008.
Anyways, during a hulu screening, there are commercials. You can opt for for a commercial free experience while watching one long commercial or have normal breaks. From viewing, I prefer the normal breaks. One commercial feels like forever. Ad nauseum be damned.
While watching Ugly Betty, a commerical began. What if?
I have entertained this idea for awhile. I was intrigued. Plus, I think Ugly Betty is about to conclude. They seem to make her grow into a beautiful swan. Others, in her circle, also, are growing and changing.
The commercial began with What if...
What if you dreamed of faraway places?
What if you traveled?
What if you went to here instead of there?
What if you met someone?
What if he liked you?
What if you got HPV?
What if you had cancer?
LAME. AWFUL. What happened to the aspect of dreams? I was intrigued by the commercial until the middle of the HPV stretch. Really? It begins with dreams? And concludes with cancer?
Yuck~I didn't want to watch it. I felt cheated.
I have been thinking about travel. I would like to travel, abroad, this year. I am open to opportunities. What is my best option? Service travel or adventure? Do I stay in the north or south? Is Europe a viable option? Or, should I extend my stay by going to the Caribbean or Asia? Would I be an asset to an organization dedicated to voluntary placement?
July seems like the ideal time. It is a slow month, for us. I would really like to go abroad. 2010 seems like a fantastic time. Plus, I love filling up my passport. I am open to anything. I am going to research it and make it happen.