Sunday, April 25, 2010

Returning to New York adventure

After lunch at Bar Baloud, I checked out Jean George. The couple mentioned that it would be difficult to get in without a jacket. Meaning, the place required a certain decorum when entering and I knew they would adhere to the policy. I mean, it's NYC, not Las Vegas, where they suggest a jacket or not wearing sandals, and I have dined with sandals many a times in Las Vegas. Well, Vegas is different. They want you to fully enjoy yourself, spend more $$$$ than intended and if you want to dine at a spendy restaurant, do it. We suggest a certain appearance, but can overlook it if you aren't acting like a complete jackass....
I digress. I looked at the menu and thought about lunch. Convenience was a factor. I kept telling myself that I would run at Central Park! I must do it. So, I checked out the menu and left. I went back to Central Park and noticed that nothing had changed. The band played on and there were more people listening to them while others enjoyed a leisurely afternoon in the park.
I kept moving and headed towards Times Square. I was curious about a show, but knew, it would not be a reality for me. I had Michaela's voice in the back of my head--screaming--go see a show...make it happen. I knew that would was my target button. Next time a show will occur.
I walked through Times Square and waited for a phone call from Mark. I was determined to see him. I wanted to thank him, in person, for the amazing meal at Daniel. And, he arranged most of my meals, for me, in the end. He had valid suggestions, found addresses and called to set up reservations if need be. I wanted to have a conversation with my friend.
Well, since he works in a restaurant, I do understand things happen quickly. I cannot tell you how many times we are short staffed and you just roll with it. You adapt and keep moving. It is not an option to shut down because you are short staffed. You buck up and take the hits, you know?
So, Mark called and things had changed for him. He asked if I could meet him Wednesday instead and I said, of course. He asked me where I was dining for dinner and I laughed and said, I don't know. What do you suggest?
He pointed me towards a pizzeria, Motorino, on 12th St. I texted my friend, Muni, and said, if you want to meet me in the city, I am dining at Motorino. He agreed to meet me.
I took another afternoon stroll on 2nd Ave. this time. I didn't really love the vibe and so I knew that I would be walking up a diffferent street to arrive at Motorino.
I saw more of the city and had a relaxing afternoon. I know that I could have been more ambitious and went to MOMA. It was right by my hotel. I kept thinking--I have more time tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow.
What is the saying, in a New York minute, the world changes?
I ran out of time, simply and purely, to honor anything outside of the food factor. I had goals, in mind, for this trip.
1) Dining at Daniel--accomplished.
2) Meeting Mark for drinks--accomplished.
3) Brooklyn Bridge--accomplished.
4) Central Park--accomplished.
5) Times Square--accomplished.
6) Running at Central Park--fail, but really tried to get up and do it.
7) Colicchio & Sons--acommplished.
8) Seeing Dirty Chris--he failed, but I think he is a flake most of the time.
9) Finding Manraj and dining with him, once, and it turned into twice--accomplished.
10)Buying and sending postcards---HUGE FAIL--I am very disappointed in myself. I saw several vendors in Time Square that offered 10 for $1. Again, I put off this task.
11) Seeing a show, time permitting---FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.....
12) Strand's for books--walked by it on Broadway, intended to return, but got distracted by food pains.
13) Enjoy myself and hopefully want to return for another visit--absolutely.

Yes, my trip was awesome. It was reaffirmed that I really, truly, adore traveling and meeting people. Now, I am off to work so that I can finance another adventure....

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