Sunday, April 25, 2010

Motorino and other stops....

I had a dinner date with Muni at 7. Tuesday night, that is.
I showered and was watching cable tv in the Roosevelt. Yes, hotels are nice for the tv factor. FX is a god send. AMC, too. Traffic intrigued me. What a great flick. I watched it, at the theatre, with Brandon, in Phoenix in 2000 or 2001. Love that flick!
Anyways, I left the hotel and knew that I had a ways to walk. I chose Park Ave. til 16th and then headed east til 2nd Ave. I liked the feel of those streets. I sent Muni a text saying that I would be there in 5.
I arrived just after 7.
Motorino was tiny. I requested a table for two and was dismayed that the only available table was super tiny, backed up to the kitchen and adjacent to the bathroom. On many levels this table sucked.
But, we didn't have many options. I wanted to eat. The only table, available, was terrible.
Muni arrived. We greeted, each other, and he ordered a drink. I had a beer, knowing that I would want wine after.
Muni is an adventurous diner. I was grateful. We chose an octopus and potoato salad as an appetizer. It could use some salt; but, I enjoyed it.
We perused the pizza options. Motorino is an artisan pizzeria. I told Muni he could choose it since I really wanted the octopus appetizer.
He picked a soppressata pizza--garlic, thyme, soppressata. We considered the cremini mushroom or brussel sprout. The waiter recommended two pies. There were two of us. However, we wanted to check out other places and so two pies seemed like two much.
Yes, the restaurant was fantastic--intimate, flavorful and ideal for a lighter fared restaurant. Afterwards, I wanted to be closer to my hotel and so I had hoped to walk closer to my hotel.
We stopped at a bar to have a cocktail and then decided we wanted more wine. Muni's phone enabled more locations, directions, subway guidelines, etc. He directed me towards the station and we got on the W train. He thought we were supposed to get off at Astoria. For whatever reason, I knew that that was too far. I told him--let's just get off.
We did.
We were in Time Square. I knew exactly where I was.
He found a wine bar, on-line, and we walked in. He needed to urinate and so I perused the wine list. I noticed 4 Israeli red wines. I commetned to the bartender-wow, do you sell many of these?
He goes--yes, we are a kosher wine bar.
I suppose, that would explain it.

Muni returns. I order a bottle of pinotage from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Always, nostalgic for distant lands.
Muni has a sweet tooth and I had no idea. Chocolate cake, bottle of pinotage and Tuesday night concluded. I walked back by Wichcraft and into the Roosevelt. Yes, Tueday, too, was successful.
No running, but many goals achieved.

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