Thursday, April 22, 2010

Horsetooth Half

This is a late recap, but, in my defense, I was in New York for the last few days. I was focusing on the scents, the newness, the energy of New York. I loved it! I will be writing about that later.
Last Saturday, the Goddess and I drove to Windsor. Her grandma, Betty, owns a home there and it was convenient to stay there instead of driving to Ft. Collins on Sunday morning. Thank God for Grandma Betty. It was nicer to spend the night there, wake late on Sunday morning, and drive 20 minutes to the Half.
I met Lindsay at her house on Saturday afternoon. I talked her ear off on the drive to Ft. Collins. I needed to update her on my week. I did.
We arrived at grandma Betty's and immediately, she asks, "Do you girls' want a cocktail?"
Lindsay made Betty a gin and tonic and I opened a bottle of wine. I knew that the 1/2 would keep me on course. I would not be able to drink that much since I didn't want to pay for it the following day, at the race.
Her grandma is old school, polite, gossippy. She reminded me of my grandma Emma. She had family stories and intersting tales of life. I enjoyed her.
We went to dinner and it was pleasant. Not fantastic, but decent. We had a starter---baked brie with apricots and I chose the chilean seabass over lobster potatoes. Super rich, but that is what I wanted. I tried to follow the guidelines of bland food pre-race. It doesn't work for me. My body sustains on what is normal. Trying to cut out spice or creamy foods is unpleasant. I run better when I eat what is considered a normal diet for me.
Anyways, I slept well and I woke up at 5:45 a.m. I was nervous about the race. I think I always have nerves. I was more confident with the run. I knew that I would be able to do it.
We park the car at the start. We knew that there were shuttles at the finish line that would take us back to the car.
I think I peed 5 times, that morning. I went 3 times at Betty's and twice, pre-race. The porta potty was exceptionally clean, with toilet paper, even. I was happy.
I ran into Penny Armour, a girl that I went to high school with. Actually, she is Michaela's age and I used to be the bat girl on their summer softball league. Because of facebook, Penny knew that I would be competing in the 1/2 too.
We walk up to the start and a few of Lindsay's friends joined us. They remarked on the hills of the course. I knew the course had a hill, but I was naive about the amount of hills. Basically, the first 4 miles are uphill. I was unprepared.
Really unprepared.
We suffered through it and at mile 4, I was relieved to be done with them. There were a few additional hills to encounter, later in the course.
Since Lindsay and I drove up, together, spent the day with her family, we had exhauasted most of our conversation topics. I was apprehensive about that, prior to the race. We do a lot of running together; thus, we talk a ton. She knows about my traveling, my upcoming trips, desires, etc.
So, during the 1/2, we rehashed her family, miles 1-3. I talked about my family miles 3-4. I brought up tv shows to pass the time for the remainder of the race. We separated at mile 11. She told me to go on ahead. I walked, some of mile 12, waiting for Lindsay to catch up. I wanted to cross the finish with her.
That day was pleasant, but I felt we could have finished stronger. I know that I should have. Overall, I finished in 2 hours and 23 minutes. My first 1/2, in Idaho Springs, was a better finish for me. Granted, there is one hill on that course. This course was challenging and I am glad that we signed up for it. Now, I have a medal. Yes, I know. I should have one from the Denver Marathon, but my aunt was in such a hurry to leave that I did not get my medal. So, this is the first.
It has the course etched onto it and I have proof that there were hills. Many hills.
The shirt is pretty freaking awesome too. It is comfortable and pretty. My shirt from the Denver Marathon is gigantic. I requested a medium and it is a XL--I swear.
I think I saw 3 porta potties the entire race...not that many. I am thankful that I didn't need to pee. I think I took care of all of the water issues pre-race. Five times is a bunch.
The course, the hilly beginning, was beautiful. Again, the hills sucked, but the landscape was stunning. Even running through Ft. Collins was pleasant except for the final 4 miles. They were never-ending. It concluded at New Belgium Brewery--also a plus.
Instead of celebrating with the other runners, Lindsay and I walked downtown and dined at the Crown Pub. Hummel, my co-worker, recommended the place. He said it was similar to the Bull. He was right. It definitely had a local feel to it. And, there brunch offered an avocado and bacon omelette. In Heaven, I was, that day, after the race. My face was coated with grime and my body ached, but that omelette was amazing!
Next door was a coffee shop. Since I avoided coffee, pre-race, I had to have it! That is one thing to avoid, pre long run. Yes, I have learned that lesson, too.
All in all, it was a good day. Ran my first 1/2, 2010, felt confident as a runner, packed to go to New York and had wine with Sara Jo. Oh, and it was Pocketsize's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sarah....belated, but I did toast you that night.
My recap is all over the place but it's done. I think my next 1/2 will be Idaho Springs and/or the Chips and Salsa 1/2 in Albuquerque. It is around my birthday and near Santa Fe. Chips and Salsa here I come!

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