Saturday, April 17, 2010

Relay woes....

The Colfax Relay is May 14th. I was approached, months ago, by Renae--a fellow Team in Training alum--to see if I was interested in running a leg of it. I was and I committed to it. I committed in January or before. I wanted to run that race since it would be more experience to build from.
I believed the Goddess was moving to Flagstaff and so she was out.
I mentioned it to Sara Jo and she expressed interest.
Renae knew a girl and so all we needed to fill was one spot.
Meanwhile, Lindsay didn't move to Flagstaff. She is my running partner and so she said she would run a leg of the relay. I was overjoyed since not only were we a complete relay team, but I knew everyone, involved, with the exception of Renae's friend. I knew that I was the eldest member, but felt, confident, that we would have fun and that it would be a wonderful experience.
Well, when it came around to signing up for it, Lindsay realized that date and knew that she was out. I decided at that point, to find a replacement. I told Renae and Sara about the glitch to our team. Sara asked one of her co-workers and was met with this response--I do not enjoy running. Andrea was out.
I don't know if Renae tried to find someone. I know many runners/active people through work, team in training and friends. I texted a few girls that I knew and immediately, one of my co-workers agreed to the final spot. I felt secure with her since I knew she competed in sprint Triathlons.
Two days later she backed out, due to injury.
I re-texted a few Team in Training girls and immediately, Gadget agreed to the relay. I know that she enjoys competitive running and that she would be a great fit since she had been consistent all of the training season. If she committed to an early morning run, she would be there, on time, with her Garmin and the route planned out, meticulously.
Today, she texted me that she had family coming to town and could no longer be available. I am disappointed and annoyed. I don't know who else to ask. I re-texted a friend from high school, but she doesn't think she is a strong runner. I know she is, but if she feels insecure with her performance, how can I force her to run with us? I am frustrated!
I contacted Renae to let her know, that yes, again, we are down to 4. I am hopeful that we will find someone. I will feel better, when it is a confirmed/signed up individual.
In other news...I am off until next Friday. I have a massage in 20 minutes and I cannot wait. A co-worker texted at 6, this morning, to find someone to work for her. She has food poisoning. I feel bad for her, but I have a massage. I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow, and I have needs, too. Unfortunately, there are multiple people out of town right now. I have a feeling that Coco will be suffering through a long day shift. Yuck!
Massage bliss--here I come!!!