Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday, I had a day off.
My original plan was to go running, shopping and then to Cherry Creek Grille with my friend, Kelly.
I woke up late.
I decided to skip running. I thought my body could use a rest. Really, I wasn't feeling it on Sunday morning. I had run on Saturday and knew that I would be running with the Goddess this evening. One day off wouldn't kill me and so I moved past that decision easily.
I drove to Old Navy and found one shirt that was worthy. I tried on 9 items, but wasn't excited about any of them. I feel between sizes on some items and didn't like how things looked on me. I think I have to be in the right frame of mind to shop. I really detest it.
I returned home and decided to walk to Cherry Creek to go shopping at the mall. I thought I might have success at mall inspite of it being Easter. I believed most people would be celebrating with family, hunting for easter eggs or bbqing.
I grabbed my ipod and headed east. Midway to the mall, I ran into my friend, Maghan. Maghan works at Solera and we have been friends for a few years.
Since we are both headed into Cherry Creek, we walk together. I told him of my day plans and he told me that he wanted to have lunch in Cherry Creek.
As we were crossing University, Maghan asks--do you want to have a glass of wine with me?
I say yes, very enthusiastically, and I knew that my plans had altered. I told him that I would have one glass and then go shopping.
Well, two glasses of wine at North later and I was ready to go to a new place. He suggested Houston's and that is how I ended my Easter.
Sidetracked. Majorly.
My friend, Kelly, had texted saying she wanted to reschedule. I was grateful for this since I was buzzed and probably wouldn't be too conversational at CCG. My afternoon, with Maghan, was too entertaining.
I walked home. I went to Whole Foods to find something to eat and then I went to bed early. I had told Sara Jo that we could meet up for wine Sunday night, if she was interested. Thankfully, she wasn't.
My entire day ended up, completely differently than I had thought it would. No running, no real shopping or meeting with Kelly. Instead, the spontaneity allowed for a lovely day indeed. Seeing Maghan reminded me that I am due for a visit to Solera soon.

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