Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I want to go on a trip in May. I must.
I am perplexed as to where to go. There are flight specials to the west---which I love; but, I do not know where to go for 3 days.
I considered Phoenix. I am fearful that if I fly to Phoenix, Jan will not come to Denver in June. She won't. I know her. I like the idea of the cheap flight to Phoenix, place to stay chambord margaritas at Z'Tejas, but Phoenix is out.
I called Michaela and Jade, about Portland. Michaela was all for it. Jade e-mailed to say that a Monday-Thursday trip was a bad idea. She works Monday-Wednesday and since I wanted to spend Wednesday in Portland, it wouldn't be good for them.
I love, love, love San Francisco...I do. Absolutely, adore that city. Plus, it is near Napa/Sonoma where I can wine taste for forever--really. I love wine country.
Los Angeles is too spread out. I know I could catch a Dodgers game or find a foodie spot. I know there are several restaurants that are ripe to be checked out. L.A. could be an option and flights are cheap.
San Diego...similar to L.A....spread out, but food/beer friendly. It could be an option.
I was in Seattle in February. I am not ready to wreak havoc on Jean's life, again. I think she needs a break, from me and my food desires.
Vegas is well, Vegas. Food is always an option since there are ample chef's places in numerous hotels. Plus, since the city is hurting, there are many specials on hotels, too. And, I figure, I could check out Flay's place, again. Or, head to Alex and catch a Cirque du Soleil show.
A friend of mine that I completely respect--travel wise, and in other ways--suggested Idaho. Stanley, Idaho, specifically. Any thoughts?
Or, one of my co-workers, Hummel, said Moab. I could drive there.
Tahoe is food friendly, right? The flight to Reno must be short.
I am on the fence with if I want to fly or just drive to my next destination. If I drive, I could go to Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. I know this and I always have a fine time there.
Or, I could drive west to Utah or western Colorado. But, is 3 days enough?
Where would you go? I could use the inspiration.....

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