Monday, December 13, 2010

After the marathon, I headed towards the family reunion area. I walked through the expo, collected my medal (made sure that I got it this time...the Denver Marathon, I managed to leave without retrieving my bling. Unfortunate and a definite oversight), grabbed a banana, bottle of water, and listened to Brett Michaels blaring Every Rose has its Thorn.
My watch said it was ten til noon. I had told Shari that if I was unable to make it to the finish line within 5 hours; well, then, I would meet her back at the Bellagio.
As I stood there listening to Brett Michaels, I realized that it was only after eleven (mountain time is how my watch is set) and that I had more time to stand and wait. I also knew that I only had twenty dollars on me, no i.d., no phone and 40 minutes to wait for Shari to meet me at the line. I was bummed.
Brett Michaels was loud. He was blaring. I did not relish the idea of 40 minutes of listening to Brett Michaels sing.
Suddenly, Shari appeared--thank god! Very happy that she found me. She told me that she watched me cross the finish line and was trying to find me within the expo area. After 25 minutes of trying to find me, she headed to the family reunion area.
At this point, we discussed our options.
1) monorail to Tropicana. Walk to MGM and board another monorail to Bally's
2) cab from either Mandalay Bay or Tropicana
3) walk from Tropicana to Bellagio. I had run that distance why not walk?
I thought the walk option was out. I suggested monorail. We walked through Mandalay Bay, boarded the Monorail and figured we would decide from there if we would board another train, hail a taxi or walk.
We joined the cab stand line at Tropicana.
Fifteen, maybe twenty people, were in front of us. One cab entered the designated area. The writing was on the wall. Walk from there or walk from Bally's.
Monorail won.
We deboarded and walked throughout Bally's. A little confusing, but eventually, we made it to the Bellagio.
Instead of meeting my group for maragarita's or napping, I headed to the Spa. Delish! Absolutely delightful. I could have lived there, had they offered me champagne. Really. Champagne would have inspired a full day spa for me.
Post awesome relax sesssion in dry/wet sauna/jacuzzi, I returned to the room to prep for Bouchon dinner. I absolutely love Bouchon. While in Napa or Vegas, I dine there.
Shari and I arrived. We had fifteen minutes to kill and so we checked out the Palazzo prior to heading up to Bouchon. I texted Brett to coordinate and then we waited.
Bouchon rocked, as always. It would have only been better had my sommelier friend, Paul, been there. However, it was his night off and so we met another guy. Our waiter, Paul, knew my friend, Huston, and so overall, it was a user friendly night.
Pete, Brett, Shari and I enjoyed cheese, charcuterie, roasted chicken, scallops, steak and dessert. We discussed the awesomeness of the Vegas Marathon, friendships and food.
Food was okay. I was a little disappointed. I had RAVED about Bouchon, but I didn't feel that it was stellar thar particular night.
And, my som friend, was absent. I heart Paul. I missed him and in hindsight, should have found out if he were working that night. Next time. I am a fan of Vegas and Bouchon. Plus, I figure, I do want to see the Cirque, Elvis show.
Or, run Marathon 2011 if it remains to be a during the day event....

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