Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final day

Wednesday morning, Shari and I went to Pete's Greek Town. Definitely a family foodie place and somewhere that everyone in my family has been to. I heart the breakfast burrito or greek skillet.
One year, Brian and I dined there for christmas lunch. I remember watching an NBA game-Lakers, I think--while eating hummos. Yes, Pete's Greek Town is in my blood.
Afterwards, we headed west to Matthew Winters Park. Another spot on the Harmony loves Brian venture. In reality, it is the most freeing/peaceful place for me. I used to hike with Brian there. I always feel alive there.
I know that Shari feels the same way.
Typically, we visit Matthew Winters Park in February. The first year, it was gorgeous outside. Absolutely stunning weather.
2007 the weather sucked. Covered in snow and challenging to hike. Still, we took a family photo, hiked to our spot and released some of Brian's ashes. You could ask my stepmom how much she desired to be in that photo.
December, there, was different/pleasing/calming--all in one. We began the journey on a beautiful December day. We continued to hike to the turn off spot and turned around. Most of the hike, Shari and I, spent b.s.'ing life, the marathon, future. We decided to stop at our spot and immediately, I felt Brian's presence. I was overwhelmed by a calmness.
We stopped to just be.
Shari told me to look at the sky. The clouds formed a spoon, almost identical to the Taste Life spoon that we use for the scholarship foundation.
To me, it represented that Brian was with us. He supported Shari and I spending time together. It was an incredible feeling to see the spoon and know what it represented.
Afterwards, we walked to the Botannic Gardens and did a quick walk through. I love the Botannic Gardens, but during the winter, it is a little lackluster.
I napped. Well, mostly because, I needed it.
Then, we met the Goddess at Elway's. Need I say more?
Elway's rarely disappoints. We tried brussel sprouts, mac & cheese, au gratin potatoes and more comfy love. I really love comfort food....
All, in all, my marathon is Vegas was fabulous. No complaints, but amazing food, wine and conversation. Who am I to turn that down???

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