Monday, December 13, 2010

Bellagio Spa

Yes, I wanted champagne at the spa.
But, other than that, it was amazing. Super. I loved the plunge pool and the wet and dry sauna. I love eucalyptus. I could have spent two hours in the wet sauna soaking up that aroma.
Massage, itself, was fine. I was hoping for more attention on my legs, but in the end, I relaxed and enjoyed the massage it its entirety. My lady was asian, older and fine.
I miss my guy at Elements. He rocks.
Post massage, Shari and I opted for a meal at Mon Ami Gabi. We shared a baguette, french onion soup and a sandwich with apples, brie and chicken. Sparkling wine accompanied the sandwich. Did I mention the fries, too? I was obsessed with dijon and fries. Bouchon had amazing fries. Mon Ami Gabi did not. The sandwich was lovely, but the fries severely lacked.
Onward, embracing the day, we walked to the City Center. I wanted to think about my dinner options. We looked at Julian Serrano's tapas place and Sage. Uninspired, we walked up to the Wynn. I ran into the guys I met on the plane out to Vegas who also were running the Marathon. One guy was fit, a little obsessive (I could tell) and his friend, well, he was out of shape. Obviously, he was finishing the race but not planning on being an elite runner this course.
His friend, Andy, was optimistic and told me--yes, I finished in did you do?
I remarked that I had finished and felt pretty good in how I was feeling today.
Shari and I headed up to the Wynn, checked out Alex and discovered that it would be black for ten days. BUMMER.
I insisted that we have a glass of wine at the lake terrace bar. We did.
Cab ride back to the Bellagio. Instead of showering in the room, we chose to revisit the spa and relax in the wet sauna. Lovely and delightful.
Choosing to walk again, we headed towards Caesar's Palace. My friend, Cedric, had agreed to meet us at Joe's Crab and Steak based on a referral from Steve and Sarah. They knew the bartended which translated into awesome cocktails. Pocketsize enjoys wine, but she loves, vodka. I knew we were in for a treat.
Cedric, Shari and I enjoyed a few appetizers and drinks. I love that Cedric wanted to meet us. When I told him that I was coming out for the Marathon, he told me that he would definitely spectate. He didn't, but he met me while I was in town. After trying to meet Shari on the course, I do understand why Cedric opted out of spectating. The second 1/2 did not create many opportunities for successful crossings.
Day 3 of Vegas adventure concluded with Shari and I meeting Brett and Pete at the Carnival Bar, briefly, and then heading to a Dueling Piano's Bar. The Piano Bar was interesting. Packed. And, they played Dr. Hook. I think that made Shari's weekend.
Day Two focused on the spa, a little on food and friends. I could walk still which inspired me to consider marathon #3....

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