Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cards

I cannot believe that Christmas is 9 days away. CRAZY. Simply crazy. Where does the time go?
This year, my intention was to have my xmas letters written before Thanksgiving. I like the idea of cards, but most of them, available for purchasing are either lame, religion focused or ugly. I always peruse what is available and that cannot imagine putting my name on the card. Seriously, some of the cards are ridiculous!
And, I am not crafty and so making my own cards were out which left the letter. I have sent a few of these in the past and I do enjoy writing letters.
I keep thinking about it and what I would say. Executing the letter has eluded me. I need to refill my printer cartridge or use the computer at work. That is the best option--I think, but then I need to do it when I am not interfering with someone else who is trying to work. Yes, sometimes my bosses actually try to improve the menu, the specials or beer list.
My window is closing and so I think I will send out letters in January. Maybe I will address what I did over the holidays instead of how 2010 worked out for me. Key West should provide ample opportunity to experience life and write about it in a letter. Christmas on a beach is always welcome in my mind. I am considering scube diving instead of snorkeling and I know that I will at least drink one pina colada. Somehow, this always happens when I am at the beach.
Although, 2010 was an excellent year and so I probably will share some of that. How could I not mention travel, food, wine or running?
Until I figure it out, I will continue to contemplate what I will write about. And, hopefully, collect a few cards of my own.

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Morgan said...

I literally just sent out your Christmas card this morning! LOL!