Sunday, December 19, 2010

The beauty of Sunday

This afternoon, while at work, I noticed a customer clipping his nails at the bar. Who does this? When would you ever think it is appropriate to clip your nails in public? That sound makes my skin crawl. Apparently, I caught it on the third go-around. And, who carries clippers on their person? Bizarre incident, indeed.
The kitchen loves me--sometimes. Today, I wanted eggs, tortillas and salsa. They upgraded me to a fresh made salsa with avocados and refried beans. It was delicious and just what I needed. This is a symbiotic relationship. They hope that I will reward them with tequila. Normally, I do, but today, I was the first one off and so I snuck out. There will always be another day to treat the guys to Cuervo shots.
I sat down to enjoy my meal and my friends, Steve and Sarah, arrived. I wish that I had felt like drinking champagne or wine, but knew that I needed a day off from drinking. Key West will be celebratory and I prefer taking a few days off before vacation.
And, I wanted to go for a run. The weather was beckoning/divine. I couldn't delay it any longer. I was ready. Yesterday was a missed opportunity; although, extremely cold. I know that holding off one more day was the right for me.
I stretched, grabbed my ipod, vest and took off. I had no expectation of what to expect, but the first few steps and I felt free. I can honestly say that I absolutely missed running. I did a five mile loop and feel that I will go either tomorrow or Tuesday, or both. Perhaps while in Key West, too. I am ready to continue running.
Last year, I couldn't contemplate going for a run for about six weeks after the Denver Marathon. Getting injured will do that I suppose. Thankfully, when I was ready, the Goddess wanted to run, too.
What a beautiful day inspite of the nail clipper at the bar. While running, I saw the moon and it, too, was glorious. Lovely.
I made dinner. An old favorite of mine. A friend of mine, Jean, gave me cook books for my 21st birthday. I have used one of them, religiously, for years. I am fairly certain that I made this specific meal for Brian early in our dating days. Good times.
Happy Sunday. I envision a relaxing night.....

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