Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rest of the day....

I opted out of the Saturday run and relaxed instead. One more day of not running won't kill me, right?
That is what I told myself, earlier, when I chose to not go for a run. The sun was out. I have no excuse outside of that I just wasn't feeling it. Do you ever have a day or a moment like that? I knew that I could go, but it would be an awful experience.
I figured that if I delayed it one more day, my return to running would be relaxed and refreshing. Yep, one more day won't hurt me.
I went to work and walked into a clusterf**k. Unkept and annoyed for about 45 minutes. I prefer walking into a situation where the transition is smooth and efficient.
Then, one of my regulars decides to broach the political situation with four or five other guys. At first, I am able to block it out and act oblivious. This didn't last long. The instigator was getting agitated and loud. I knew that it would continue to escalate unless I shut it down. And, I knew that Tiffany was annoyed and aware of what was going on, but that she didn't want to take it on. I had went into office to make a phone call and could hear the altercation while in the office. I returned and said--"Enough~I am over this. Stop talking about this. We are in the holiday season, let's try to be happy."
Everyone seemed relieved except for the one guy. Five minutes later he tried to continue his point of view. At this point, most of the guys had closed out their tabs or were in the process of doing it.
New people walk in--two brothers, two other solo diners, a woman, and then the Politico remained~~a different guy that I call Politico since normally, he is the person, pushing the envelope with political discussions.
The woman asks Tiffany for weed. Really? You have never been in this bar before but you feel comfortable asking a complete unknown person if they have weed for you. Unbelievable.
Somehow, this woman managed to intrigue the brothers, Politico and the other solo diners. I opted to avoid that end of the bar. I was over it and their conversation.
Then, this guy, another semi-regular shows up. He sat on my end of the bar and I tried to switch with Tiffany at this point. This guy is nice, but super needy. I just wasn't feeling it tonight. I was polite and efficient but offered little more. Especially with this specific guy. He is too much. I think I changed my mind about him after he told me a dining story in NYC. He was hosting a gathering in Midtown at a swank place near Time Square. It was before a matinee performance and so the restaurant was packed.
This guy is gluten free and so he asked to see the menu for gluten free items. The restaurant, at this point, did not have items available, specifically for people that have gluten allergies. My customer asked to see the chef and the waiter told him that the chef was busy and would be unable to accomodate that request.
So, this guy didn't eat. He watched as his fifteen guests ate and drank and when the bill came---$1300, he paid, but didn't leave a dime for the server. He felt the need to relate this story to me and think that I would agree with him. I don't. In my opinion, if you that unhappy with the menu or feel that you aren't being accomodated, than dine elsewhere. I think that is all I see when I see him now. He gloated in retelling that experience. I cannot be fake and nice to him, anymore.
After those interactions, I watched the clock. I dreamed of a salt bath, a glass or two of wine and sleep. I returned home. There is a house party two houses down and they are in full throttle. Non stop music. I pray for an end. I don't want to be the old lady calling the cops; however, I am ready for bed and for a stop to the music.
Work. Work. Party. Work. Key West. Life is grand.....

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