Thursday, December 9, 2010

Viva Las Vegas.......

I love Las Vegas. Not for the gambling, excessive drinking or people. I enjoy people watching---don't get me wrong--I just don't like some of their habits that I am forced to encounter while in the city. Rudeness, obesity, drunken idiots.
Food, and food alone, inspires me to return to that city.
The shows are nice, too. I have seen Mystere, Love, Stomp and Zumanity (twice). Once with Brian and other time while attending Steve and Sarah's wedding. Jimmy and I watched the show and it seemed weird since he is like a brother to me and that show is sensual.
This time, around, I wanted to see the Cirque perspective of Elvis. Unfortunately, it was not available on Monday or Tuesday night. Actually, most of the Cirque shows were blacked out. Shari and I could have seen Mystere or Zumanity. Seeing that Zumanity is the erotic side of Cirque, I wasn't pushing that show. It just didn't seem right.
There is always another visit to the city. I know that I will return. Seeing the Elvis show would be fantastic. Who doesn't enjoy the King?
I signed up for the Vegas Marathon in July or August--I think. I wanted redemption from my showing at the Denver Marathon. And, I wanted a marathon in the fall. I wanted a flat course. I considered Phoenix but then felt Vegas would be preferable.
I signed up with Runner's Edge and put my best foot forward. I recognized that training for distance and not time made more sense. I committed to the training plan and diligently followed it.
I will do my race report. I want to.
Today, though, I wanted to touch base with my blog. While in Vegas, I had no internet access. I stayed at the Bellagio and considered using their business center until they mentioned the fee was $1 per minute. Excessive. Too much cost. Really? $1 a minute. Highway Robbery for sure.
I waited until I returned to Denver. But, then, Shari was in town with me. I felt that I should wait to process my feelings of the marathon, food factor and Vegas, in general. Plus, I wanted to entertain Shari while she was here. Updating my blog would have to wait.
So, I am here, today, and wanting to update my blog. I feel a little overwhelmed by everything that I want to address. I think I will stop for now and mull over it. I feel wordy.......

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