Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mexican Monday

Sunny here but it isn't quite like being in Key West. Although, supposedly, today the weather was supposed to cool off some. I guess I did choose a fine time to visit Key West.
I am glad to be home. I missed my bed and mexican food. Key West was not overrun with mexican restaurants and the one I wanted to check out--Salsa Loca--was not open on Christmas Day. I guess I will have to return for another visit.
That would be a bummer, right?
Tomorrow, I am experiencing "Mexican Monday" with Lindsay. We tried this out a few weeks ago and both agreed that it would be worthy to check out another time. The first Monday we dined at La Pasadita. I have dined there numerous times with Brian, his family and mine. It is a tradition for guests of mine while traveling in Denver.
As much as I enjoy La Pasadita, I wish they would update their menu. I love their salsa, guacamole and most of their offerings. I am a little bored with it, though.
I asked some of my co-workers where they preferred mexican food and margaritas. One girl suggested Rio which is my opinion is terrible. I sort of tuned out her response after she claimed that that Rio was her choice. Their margaritas are okay, but the food is awful.
One of my other co-workers said there was a delicious place near Shanahan's. To me, that was unavailable since I wasn't interested in the drive down south.
I asked Lindsay where she wanted to go and she texted me back--Have you heard about this place on 20th and Park Ave? It's called, Pasadita....Immediately, I responded with--yes, let's go there.
We did and now have another Mexican Monday set up.
Tomorrow, we are checking out La Cueva. That, too, is another favorite of mine that I found with Brian. I know that Steve and Pocketsize also enjoy La Cueva. I love that they have Chimay on tap in addition to a list of other bottled beer, wine and of course, margaritas. I haven't been there in a few years and so it will be a nice surprise.
Yes, I am glad to be home. I need to inhale Mexican food to rebalance.

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