Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays (my way)

Currently, enjoying sunshine and freedom in Key West.
Absolutely awesome.
How many people do you know who can say--I am scuba diving on xmas eve?
Really, I cannot wait to dive in the Keys. Even if there is a strong current. I do not care. Diving in the Keys on xmas eve is awesome.
I arrived yesterday and have had a splendid time. I will update everything when I return to Denver. My hotel service is S-L-O-W.....extremely slow.
I am sitting in a wine bar and the owner offered to let me use his lap top. How cute is he? Seriously, this was a bonus of my stumble into this wine bar on Duval St.
In a few hours, I will embark on a wine and sail venture. I am so thrilled that I decided to visit Key West instead of sulk in Denver for the holidays. Christmas just isn't my thing, nor has it been, for five years. To me, it is reason to leave town, explore the foodie options and sit on a beach or a casino. Yep, I have spent 3 of the last 5 in Vegas. No complaints, I was just ready to change it up.
So, enjoy your holidays, stay warm and enjoy a few or (many) baileys & coffee.....

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