Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Eve spent diving....

Merry Christmas!
I am still enjoying the life in the Keys and about to go scuba diving. I am trying to kill time and so I sought out an internet cafe instead of partaking in drinking. Drinks go better after diving and I plan on having a successful dive in the Keys. The weather continues to amaze and the visibility looks clear. Yes, life is grand.
I found the ultimate coffee shop connected to a laundry mat. It's called, Sandy's, and they serve Cuban fare. If only, I had two more days here. Of course, they close for the holidays and reopen on the 26th.
I was able to enjoy two coffees but no food. I should have gotten up, earlier, today to take the shuttle over to this spot of loveliness. Instead, I had a leisurely morning watching Ocean's 13 after dining in the hotel restaurant. Sometimes, it is even difficult for me to overlook the free included breakfast. And the hotel has a nice selection of items available. They have salsa and for that, I am most grateful.
Next time, I am definitely dining at Sandy's for a breakfast burrito or chicken soup. My shuttle driver was Cuban and he raved about the chicken soup and told me to ask for more cilantro. He said their soup was heavenly. After talking to him and him offering to drop me off at Sandy's I knew he knew his food. He wasn't trying to b.s. me.
The dive should go well and then I will be meeting a friend for a drink, followed by food and perhaps a walk on the beach. Somethings in beach vacations cannot be overlooked, right?
Enjoy Christmas!!!

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