Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need for project and/or inspiration

The last few days, months actually--since the Healdsburg 1/2--I have been reflecting on my need to tackle a new project. I don't know what, but I am ready for anything.
This past year, running consumed a large part of my free time. Still, I could have added more events and felt healthy. Now that I have nothing to train for, I am bored, listless, restless.
I dream of being a gypsy, full time, and find myself gravitating to people who share that desire. My friend, Aron, sold his house and bought an Airstream. To most people, this is insane. He is completely free and I admire him, so much, for this decision. It would be difficult to let go of all convention and begin anew. Yet, he did it. I applaud him. Currently, he is somewhere in Arizona, soaking up the sun and settling into this new chapter of life.
My other inspiring friend, Troy, has been working for Canondale Bikes for the last 5 years. Hie decided to box up his life and split his time between here, Vegas, Connecticut and the world. He travels, everywhere, I love that. Yesterday, he was in Denver for 12 hours and so he took me to breakfast to catch up and b.s. I admire his desire to work and travel with his job. He is going to spending christmas in Belgium--talk about awesome. I intend to meet up with him in Italy, May 2011. There is a bike tour that goes through there and I had made plans to spend May in Italy with Agnese. Yes, life is grand.
I believe that 2011 will present more opportunities for running, travel and growth. Now that I am recovering from the Marathon, I dream of races for next year. I hope that my friends are up for another Destination Race, be it Virginia or California.
Actually, I could go to Oregon and do that race. That would achieve two goals--another destination race and spending time with my sisters. Jade and Michaela, both, live in Eugene and I neglected to make a trip out west this year. I suck as an aunt....I will rectify this next year. I have heard that that race is difficult with all of the rolling hills. Maybe it isn't an option.
Then, the need to find the marathon of 2011 looms, too. Remember, I want a FLAT course, with nice weather and spectator support. I am hoping that Shari will accompany me to the race and that we can meet more than twice on the course. I am still trying to figure it out.
I love having options and the desire to pursue it. The Paris Marathon would be lovely. Think of all of the wine I could consume post race and it is another passport stamp. One day, I will fill my book with stamps.....maybe that should be my project?!?!

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