Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today was supposed to be my return to running. I am still a member of a local running group where they plan runs on Saturday mornings, equipped with route/map/weather information and other tidbits designed to make me a successful runner.
I like the group, I do.
Last night, I was done with work early, too. I have no justifiable reason to miss the run.
Yet, I woke up at 7:35. Over. Done. I had no way of making it to the designated spot within twenty-five minutes. The Whole Foods at Hampden and 1-25 was too far.
I do enjoy the group and I have run in numerous areas in the metro area because I am part of this group. Days, like today, I wish we would run in three areas, only, like Team in Training mostly did. I definitely would have made it to Wash Park within 25 minutes--no problem. Instead, I am drinking coffee, watching Rescue Me on Netflix and dreaming of the missed run. I have always been a fan of Rescue Me and thought that I had seen the beginning of the series. Apparently, I have not.
It is beautiful today and so there is hope that I can make it out for a run. Too bad Lindsay is in Phoenix this weekend. I would love to go for a run with her. I miss our weekly run-catch up-conversation.
Now that I am not training, I have all of this time to do nothing. But, think of how much I need a new project, vacation or event to train for. Or, we are having our holiday party on Monday night and I drew my Secret Santa person that I could be naughty or nice, too. I would prefer being funny, but I don't think my person will agree with my humor. It's funny how some people can dish out plenty of crap, but they have the most difficult time getting it back. So, I will probably be kind instead of humorous. I am still considering what to give this person.
Lindsay is my +1 to the party. She knows most of my co-workers, anyways, and the Falling Rock is a great venue to enjoy an evening.
I should conclude this so that I can go for a much needed run....Happy Saturday~

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