Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day two....

Sydney is a fantastic city. I am staying in Town Hall, near the central business district and circular quay. I love the area since they are so many people, shopping, cafes and things to see. I walked up to Kings Cross today which is considerable more seedy--ladies of the night, fetish shops, etc--but it also has a nice energy and interesting vibe. It has several italian eateries and take aways which I was interested in. I tried to go to the free museum, but I wouldn't leave my bag with the attendant. I need to take out some of the items before I leave it with someone, you know. It is overcast, but I am enjoying it. I am not ready for the intense heat of the summer here.
At my hostel, I am staying with 6 boys and 3 younger ladies. They partied in our room until 10:30 and I felt like the old lady who was annoyed that they wouldn't leave. However, I didn't say anything to them about their music or drinking; instead, I read, hoping that they would soon leave. I missed my shuttle the day before, remember and so i didn't sleep much on Monday night. Eventually, we became friends in the room and they told me that three nights ago an American kicked them out of the room for drinking and being too loud. They apologized to me after this point and I told them it was fine. Really, they weren't that bad and it was my fault that I was tired. Their music ranged from stuff that Lil Ricky plays on Sunday nights to Jack Johnson and James Blunt. I was entertained!
Today, I will continue to be a tourist and right now I am enjoying the library. I forgot that they have free internet--which, of course, I love and support.
Enjoy the day, if not the snow and think of me while I am wearing shorts and loving the possibility of sunshine!


Jadey said...

The sunshine, what is that again?? It seems like its been so long since experiencing that. I need to go tanning to experience some UV rays, thay say it makes it bettter.
Anyways, we are going to Coos Bay this weekend to visit Shore Acres. They have this amazing garden there right on the coast. In the summer time its incredible with all the roses and the lillies. I'm sure you've seen the picture of the kids all sitting on tree roots from a tree that had fallen over. That tree is right outside the gate of the garden. Mom and Michael went with us there last year. So during the holidays, they string over a million lights throughout the garden--its beautiful. Otherwise there's nothing exciting going on around here.
I still haven't had the opportunity to do any X-mas shopping yet. I'm hopeing maybe Friday or Saturday while were in Coos Bay.
I went to an Oncology dinner tonight about Multiple Myeloma. The speaker was an Oncologist from Salem. He was an excellent speaker, very charasmatic. The kids hate it when I'm gone during the evening, but its important for my profession to attend. I get all the new cutting edge info on treatment/clinical trials.
Actually, tonight is my 10th night in a row. I haven't seen Mackenzie (except for the 10 minute drive to school every morning) since last Friday before she went to camp at Bullards Beach with girl scouts. Easton at least saw me over the weekend. So Tuesday morning on the way to school, Mic asked me to write a note excusing her from PE because she hurt her knee. Okay, that was difficult because I didn't even know she had hurt herself. It's amazing what you miss when you work at night. I felt like a jackass calling the school saying, Mic may have hurt her knee and I haven't seen it, so if she says it hurts don't make her run on it. Oh, the life of a mother...
Well, I'm trying (lamely) to keep you entertained because I haven't seen anybody comment lately.
Your adventures sound amazing and after hearing about my life, I'm sure you'd agree your having more fun. Please continue to blog, I love hearing from you. Not hearing your voice is hard enough as it is. Tab and the kids send their love.

Love Jadey

harmony said...

Wow, you weren't kidding....you had a lot to say.
I am sure that the kids understand that right now you are being educated and they miss you. They know that you love them and that you want to spend time with them.
What happened to Mackenzie's knee? Is she playing basketball this year or soccer? Soccer and rugby are huge here. I can't tell you how many times, I have passed the hostel lounge and it's been filled with guys watching one of those sports. If only I could watch KU basketball.
Take care and we'll talk soon.
Love you--