Thursday, December 20, 2007


Last night, I got to the airport early so that I wouldn't be scrambling around. In Adelaide, they have one terminal which services both international and domestic flights. I guess you can imagine how small the airport is. Anyways, as long as you are flying domestic, you can bring in food and water from outside. I was reveling at that concept. I remember what it used to be like in the States...I digress. They postponed my flight by an hour. It wasn't too bad since I had arranged for a room at a hostel in Perth. I arrived at 11:30 pm, just in time to sleep and turn around to consider new accomodations. They have a hot tub here which is a huge attraction for me. I decided to stay until Sunday when I relocate to Margaret River. I am still deciding if I should rent a car or not. I guess I like the idea of the freedom it will present me. Plus, I believe that Margaret River is easier to get around by vehicle. I think I am going to do it.
Enjoy the last minute shopping/christmast parties/snow. Finally, yesterday, it felt like a true summer day. I love the heat!


Shari said...

Good Summer Day to You!

The waters off Margaret River looks incredible. I don't think I have ever seen so many shades of blue and green. I looks like a wonderful place to BE. I hope that you get the chance to sit awhile and hear the ocean and smell the sea air.

I did not get many cards or letter out this year. I feel as if my family has grown this year and that is because of you. You shared your friends and family with me and that brought happiness to my heart.

Several years ago I received a Christmas card and it inspired me. I wanted to share it with you and I'm hoping that you won't mind me sharing it with all that read your blog.

I will be out of touch on till January 2nd. I am sure that I can find someplace in Michigan to check your blog, but if not please know that I am so very grateful to have you in my life. You have brought so much to my life and you have helped me heal. I am so inspired by you, as you travel this earth I wish for healing powers to be with you.

Here's my card. You can imagine it on the special paper that I had been using to send you notes. The back ground would be a majestic mountain with deep green trees lining the mountain side, and bits of brilliant white snow sparkling in the sun. Here is what the card said.

This year you should:
Mend a quarrel.
Seek out a forgotten friend.
Write a letter.
Share a treasure.
Give a soft answer.
Encourage youth.
Keep a promise. Find the time.
Forgive an enemy. Listen.
Apologize if you were wrong.
Think first of someone else.
Be kind and gentle.
Laugh a little,laugh a little more. Express your gratitude.
Gladden the heart of a child.
Take pleasure in the beauty and
wonder of the earth.
Speak your love. Speak it again.
Speak it still once again.

I hope you're warm and feel the love from seven thousand miles away. I am so impressed with your journey.

Love, with all my heart, Shari

harmony said...

Thank you Shari...yes, it did warm my heart.
I wish you a peaceful holiday too. Hopefully, you will share some fine red wine with the family.
Jade is having xmas at her house with Michaela.
I hope to make my own tradition this year and enjoy the beach. I am wine shopping in a bit and food shopping too. My hostel is on the beach and about 11 km from the town of Margaret River. Thankfully, they agreed to pick me up from the drop off and take me out to the hostel. I was afraid that I would be walking which would suck with my mulititude of things.
I will talk to you soon.
Love you--
Who all is going to Michigan this year?

harmony said...


Robin said...

Harmony-Happy holidays, what a great way to spend Christmas, on the beach. I love the water, it seems to take you away to places one can only dream about. It is mystifying. It is snowing and blowing today. the roads are bad. We are headed to Connie and Jo's for our family get together. My favorite part is playing bingo. We all bring crazt gifts and when you get bingo you grab a gift and then steal one anothers. The kids love it. We are skating and sledding, but I think we might miss all that, we are late. Waiting for Stef. Terry is making oyster stew, he loves it.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Jean said...

Happy Holidays Harmony,
stay safe and have fun,
thank you for the card, I enjoy reading your blog,, you keep me entertained.
Merry Christmas,
love Jeannie

Unknown said...

Hi Harmony,
Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and safe travels. I'm just back from the 1st Annual Sandy Morris Pre-Christmas gathering at her house. We had loads of food and laughs. Your Jayhawks are still undefeated and the UofA is still on the winning track (19th in the nation). Let's both wish for an NCAA Final Four to be put under our tree. Enjoy the times.


Hailey said...

Hey Harm!


We are all thinking of you and wanted to wish you a great & happy holiday!

It sounds like you will be much warmer than we are.

You are in my heart & I miss you!


Connie said...

Hi Harmony,
We all tried a glass of Penfold on Sunday, I must say it was pretty good. I guess I need to get out of my comfort zone (good ol' White Zin!) and try a few new wines. I have been writing down some that I would like to try, thanks for sharing. Our holidays were busy but fun, today we took a nice walk in the snow and have watched more rated "G" movies than I care to admit! I sounds very nice where you are, soak up all the warmth and sun you can.
Merry Christmas,(It is the 25th here today) Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.
Stay safe, Love, Connie