Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trying to be "professional"

I enjoy letter writing, always have. My mom instilled the importance of the power of a pen, at a young age. Every gift required a thank you card or acknowledgment that I had received the item, invitation, etc.
A few years ago, I was the exec director of a non-profit. Our fundraiser rocked. We raised $25,ooo on a bitter cold night in February. Still we had several supporters of our cause and my family. The following week, the board got together to rehash the event and the process of getting to the said event.
We discussed the positive aspects and considered how we could improve upon the event. It's normal to do this and helpful for the following year.
Earlier this year, I had a run-in with the art fest behind my house. I was frustrated with the outcome of the event and the lack of regard both the consumer and planners had for the neighborhood. Instead of liberating another table like I had done the prior year, I composed an e-mail and sent it to a friend of mine that is on the board of directors.
It wasn't mean. I didn't cuss. I just suggested that they consider the effect the festival has on the neighborhood and asked if they would consider finding a solution for us since it was incredibly incovenient for the 3 day event. I had to vulture my parking space, not to mention, getting in/out of the said space was a joke. I would have to re-route to my alley, get yelled at in the process and avoid hitting pedestrians that were everywhere.
Nevertheless, I sent an e-mail.
Said friend never responded.
Last night, he stopped in the Bull and I asked him about it. Immediately, he got defensive and said--I forwarded it to the appropriate person. I was taken aback. I didn't remember being nasty in the message.
I felt that he had overreacted.
I was right.
I got home, found the sent message and laughed. Really, you are mad that I asked you to find a solution for the parking. I didn't ask him to police the event. I asked him to be considerate/gracious of the neighborhood. How difficult is this, really?
Then, I saw that he had sent me an e-mail prior to his stop in the Bull, mentioning that we should catch up soon. I think he should feel foolish for his behavior. I think he was offended that I approached, jokingly, in front of his friends. I don't get it.
Again, I was trying to be professional. I know how to write a letter and get my point across without swearing or sounding like a complete illiterate. My blog does not illustrate it well, since I flounder with what to write about and it comes across as idle chatter at times. I really enjoy writing letters.
Anyways, it should be interesting to see how this plays out. The Realtor was the person that got me interested in running. I enjoy talking to him, feel motivated (normally) after our coffee meets. Yesterday was a whole new side of him and how insecure he can be.
Enjoy your day. I have a full day off---CCG with Beam Bryan, a walk around the lake with Bryn, and Elway's with Tiffany. Fun times. I want to try to buy some wedges, too, since Pocketsize told me I am "too practical" when it comes to my fashion sense or lack there of...

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