Thursday, August 6, 2009

Change the World Wednesday

My vision board rocked, or so I would like to think.
It is subjective and I focused on my current attractions--running, yoga, travel, wine, and food. Not too many surprises, but I was able to fill up the board with a lot of running. I found an advertisement for the Denver Marathon and that is now on my refrigerator to remind me of my current goal. I am doing it. I will do it. I can do it.
This week, the challenge is to be a vegetarian for a day. Or, if you already practice this lifestyle, try being a vegan. Better yet, write about why being a vegan is suitable/preferable to being a carnivore.
For me, it isn't that challenging. I love vegetables. I love the summer and all of the farmer's markets that are in Denver. The Cherry Creek Farmer's Market is awesome and is held, twice a week--Wednesday and Saturday.
Ironically, yesterday I posted on facebook that I wanted recommendations for a meal in Boston. Some guy from high school wrote--you should talk to my brother, Chris. His wife is a vegetarian.
My response was--I am not a vegetarian. I know it appears that way since I have photos of salads and sides. I enjoy trying as many different things in a sitting with friends and so I prefer sides to steaks. I do eat/enjoy steak on occasion.
I am from the midwest.
I grew up on meat and potatoes. My dad prefers this option to crazy sushi or veggies. Brian's dad, also, prefers steak and potatoes to fusion food that I seek out, a lot. It's funny how demographics mold our eating habits/patterns.
Nevertheless, try being a vegetarian for a day. If you have an excellent recipe, post it on my site. I appreciate it. Do something different---why not? Vegetables are dominant in the summer. Enjoy them and the color. I know that I do!

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