Saturday, August 8, 2009

Georgetown-Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon....

Today is the day.
I did everything right, in preparation.
I ate before 7 pm.
I ate fish, rice and broccoli. It was bland and filling. My running friend, Margo, told me to avoid salads. In her words--do not learn the hard way like I did. Long comical story entailed...Margo is running the Provo 1/2 this morning, too.
I drank so much water that I thought I might pop from excess. My friend, Dana, just did a sprint TRI and she said, this is my only advice---drink more water. I got sick following the event, that night, since I was dehydrated. I am still drinking water, this morning.
I watched Rescue Me, on HULU, trying to unwind. That show is amazing, for those of you who haven't seen it. It is so funny and the dialogue is cutting, real and entertaining.
I tried to go to bed at 8:45. Didn't work. I tossed from my right side, to diagonal (hoping to feel the coolness of the fan) to my back, to begin the cycle again.
I counted sheep...according to one of my friends--now that is dedication. Didn't work.
At 3:30, I got up. I know that I rested, but sleep eluded me. Tonight will be a much deserved night of sleep.
I know that I was unable to sleep because I am excited about completing my first 1/2 marathon. I am nervous about the event and afraid that I would oversleep. Hence, no sleep.
On Thursday, though, I went to Elements and got a massage. I have had better massages, but the girl did this thing, at the end while I was on my back that was new to me. She lifted my right shoulder over to the left and it popped...awesome. Of course, she did the same thing on the left, but I knew it was coming and so the desired effect did not happen.
That being said, I am ready. I cannot wait to cross the finish line.
Have a great day...get some sleep.

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