Friday, August 21, 2009

Practical shoes rule...

According to Pocketsize, I cannot wear my MBT sandals outside of the airport. She gasped when I told her I would be wearing them around Boston.
MBT's are amazing. A few years ago, my hips were jamming and my aunt suggested that I purchase orthotics or buy more appropriate shoes. I am on my feet, all day, and due to the shoes I was wearing, I was experiencing pain in my lower back, hips and my ankles were weak. I went to Foot Solutions and bought my very first pair of MBT's. I considered it an investment in my health. I didn't want to be 50 and screwed up at the chiropractor because I didn't take better care of my feet. MBT's help your posture and help with alignment. They are ugly and huge in my case--size 11's--but I saw immediate relief when I wore them.
They have sandals too. I am on my 3rd pair due to the fact that I am hard on my shoes. Anyways, they aren't fashionable. Instead they are practical. They feel great and I wear them everywhere.
Yesterday, I purchased a pair of platform heels. I tried on 3 different pairs of wedges, but I look like a giant since I have gigantic feet. I knew that I would be face planting somewhere with the high ones. The medium wedges were too small and pinched my feet and the lowest lift were blah. I chose the platform heels instead. They are cute, black and they cover up my prepetual suntan lines created by said sandals.
I needed to try them out. Last night, I walked to Elway's in my sandals and changed into heels when I arrived. Basically, I walked into the restaurant and sat down. Twice I went to the loo. Not a lot of walking entailed; yet, today, my feet hurt. This is why I wear practical shoes and not showy ones....I can still run and feel good. My health prospers, not dwindles, and I like wearing my sandals. Next week, I will wear the heels to go dancing, begrudgingly...and after that, it will be back to the summer of Practicality. Originally, I believed it was my summer of "M", since I kept meeting people named, Megan, or that started with an "M". Now, I know it is about being practical.
Running = practical decisions....I schedule drinking around non training mornings. I cut my hair and told the lady---I am a runner, I must be able to pull it back. The result--$65 spent on a trim that I don't even like.
Shoes--obviously need more practical shoes and more running shoes.
I own more running shorts and sports bras than anything else in my closet, currently, and I look forward to buying more...I am so lame. I choose the sandals over sexy heels....


Unknown said...

I'm right there with you girl, I was never a big shoe girl to begin with but running has left me with little to no desire for flashy shoes. Give me my after run Rider sandals anyday!

Hey I just tagged you on my blog so come check it out and then show us your heart! :)

harmony said...

I know...I definitely prefer comfort to sexy shoes.

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

I'm with you on this one! I stopped wearing heels about 3 years ago when my Grama had to have surgery on her feet from all the damage wearing heels her whole life had done to her. I avoid them altogether unless for some reason it's just absolutely imperative (like a wedding where the bride insists.).

Anyway, I now LIVE in my Chaco sandals and have had zero back pain, neck pain, or arch pain ever since. :)

When we're seventy, we'll still be up and running around the park, and all the Posh Spice's of the world will be wheelchair bound!

I've never heard of MBT's but I will definitely have to check them out.