Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finding my voice.....

Yesterday was a great day--running, work, dinner and a wonderful conversation with a friend.
Until my neighbors, Katie and Brooke, knocked on my door.
They wanted to know if I had left the front door open or noticed anything. I hadn't. I never go out the front door since I don't have a key to it.
They said that one of their keys, to the laundry room, was missing and that there were other inadequacies in their place. Nothing was taken, but they know someone walked through their space.
They contacted me, first, and then I contacted the landlord.
He answered and I explained the situation and his response was--I will look into. CLASSIC.
Then, he said, Harmony, I have another call. I was dismissed.
Obviously, this man does not know what it is to be a female or insecure in your space.
I talked to Katie, today, and she said that he didn't want to install new locks since he had just changed them a month ago.
I tried to consider the best way to go with the flow...stick to the party line as such.
Then, I got angry.
I found my voice.
I realized that this is unsuitable. We pay him rent. I have been a great tenant for over a year. I overlook the unstable stairs. I overlook the lack of screens on the windows. I overlook him not cleaning up after himself, when he tries to fix my sink.
I cannot overlook safety.
I won't.
He should want us to feel secure in his property. I called him, left a message and then sent the e-mail that I had composed. I told him that I would be arranging for a locksmith to change the locks and deducting from my rent unless I heard from to take care of it himself. I mean, seriously, there are 3 women living here. What does he not understand about this scenario?
I don't enjoy feeling vulnerable...again, the other night springs to mind. If I remain silent, I am agreeing. I do not agree to stay the course with this, or with the other situation. I took steps to excommuicate that toxic person from my life and like a Pro, I took care of the tire. I am feeling confident today.


scarlethue said...

very well done and well said

harmony said...

thanks....I appreciate it.
I threw the gauntlet down and got my response this morning. I am moving. My landlord is completely unreasonable and irrational. He told me that if I wanted to split the cost for a fence, he would look into it. When did it become my property? Some people should not own property or manage rentals. I will be looking at Craig's times....