Tuesday, August 11, 2009

growing up...

You know you've grown up, when you notice things wrong with your car, your computer, your plumbing...you get the picture.
I mean, typically, in my past, I would wait for Brian to check my oil, more thoroughly, than I was prepared to do. He was a stickler for my car and the maintenance and so I, too, take good care of the volvo. Religiously, I cart her to the oil changes and stick to the maintenance schedule. The volvo is an 89 with 161,000 miles on it and in great shape. Yes, maintenance works.
Computer problems, I am getting better at. Last week, I was trying to utilize someone else's space since my connection was down. I listened to the trouble shooting guide, until it told me to contact my service provider. At which point, I did. Comcast arrived and told me that my cable had been dislodged. He reattached it and I was up and running again.
Bathroom issues...well, I won't go into that. Thankfully, the latest slew of them have affected my downstairs neighbors, not me. Believe me, I have dealt with plumbing since I moved out. It sucks and again, I am grateful that I live in the upper unit. Especially since my landlord is a slumlord. Yes, the new girls have dealt with issues, twice, in the first month they have lived here. The roots are bad. My landlord knows it, but refuses to be proactive. Instead, he would rather us have to live through the shit.
Anyways, I feel I have grown up, somewhat, when yesterday I noticed my front tire was low. I checked the level, filled it up and returned home. I didn't think much of it, until I needed to drive again.
ALMOST FLAT...so, again, I went to the station, filled it up, knowing that I would need to patch it today.
I left work, after 4 hours, and it was flat.
Frantic, I found Dave, my boss, and asked if I could borrow his pump. He has this nifty little pump for tires. After 20 minutes of random b.s., I was ready to go.
This morning, after I repump the tire, I will head to Discount Tire to have it adequately patched. I thought about how inferior I normally am with car issues. I need help. This is why men are necessary. Too bad one of my friends no longer qualifies in this department.
Nevertheless, help is nice, but I am capable of finding a solution on my own. Discount Tires awaits...oh, and my run this morning was short, but awesome. I felt really good and I went alone. The Goddess called me last night to cancel our normal Tuesday run. I know I need to increase my time and so I went this morning and remembered why I enjoy it.

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