Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Etiquette, again....

Yesterday, I went for a run, by myself, and it sucked.
I can write about that, all day, but I think it shouldn't take too much explanation. It was hot. It was later in the day and I wasn't feeling it. Still, I went and did 3 miles. I figure that it was 3 miles that I normally wouldn't do, alone, and so although it was an ideal run, I did it and I did it alone.
While running at Wash Park, which is Runner's Central Station, I thought about etiquette and people's lack of it. On Saturday, I was running, with my group, around Cheesman Park. At this point, I was running solo and so as I encountered other people on the track, I was always confused when people would take up the whole track and not move over to encounter other people. There was a group of 5 people, like a mass of people, that refused to make way for other runners, bikers of walkers. I had my ipod on, but I know that I made some comment, like, SERIOUSLY....you can't move?
Yesterday I had a similar situation where these two women were walking, and having a conversation. Great, I am all for it. Just move to single file when someone is running or walking toward you. Remember this is the United States, not Australia or Europe. We run, drive, walk, bike to the right. Pay attention and be courteous. This is all I am asking.
In other areas of etiquette...when you dine out with others.
Typically, your check will be one per table. Not just yours. Not just you and your boyfriend. If you dine out with 4 people, the check will be one, for the table. If your salad is $10, then there will be tax, plus tip, that you are accountable for. I don't understand how people do not understand this. Last week, I waited on a table of 4. Granted, they were pleasant and willing to hand me 3 cards and some cash. I asked them how much they wanted on each card. This woman looks at me and goes--$15--that should cover the tip, too.
Her friend interjected and goes--no, it doesn't.
I concurred and pointed out, if you put $15 on the card, that factors against the total of the bill. You think you are tipping me a few dollars, when in actuality, none of you tip, and I walk with a 10% tip, or sometimes less, because the cash is not adequate. See, you still are responsible for the difference which yes, you paid, some, but there is no tip accounted for.
This is frustrating and happens all of the time.
If you order a burger and it costs $10. Factor in the tax and tip accordingly. Do not assume that your friends will cover portion of the tip. Most times people want their own check becuase they have been burned by their friends. They know they are cheap. This is not my problem. If your friends are cheap and you don't want to be associated with them, don't go out with them. Karma is a factor in life.
Just some things to think about. Etiquette does make a difference. Really, I am done with fundraising. I know I have awesome friends. I feel that my letter writing aided my quest and I followed through with the necessary thank you card. I enjoy doing it and will continue to do so.
Enjoy your day and Happy August. This is the beginning of a bunch of birthdays....


Morgan said...

Sing it sister! I feel so bad for my server friends who are constantly getting stiffed!

Good job making it through the run even if it was a crappy one. At least you got out there and did it, sometimes that alone is worth it.

harmony said...

too true:)
Today was much better. I ran with one of my training partners and all in all, it was a much better run than what I slogged through yesterday. Mental issues, you know?